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Fortnite Batman Challenge: Locations, how to defuse Joker gas canisters

batman fortnite crossover arrives in september 2019
Batman is now featured in an Epic Games crossover event with Fortnite. Pic credit: Epic Games/Fortnite screencap

A new Batman-Fortnite crossover event has arrived, bringing the Caped Crusader into the island world. That also has brought his arch-nemesis, the Joker, to the game, and as usual, he’s attempting to cause trouble.

With a new Batman Fortnite challenge, gamers are attempting to stop his latest plan by defusing gas canisters around the map. Here’s where and how to defuse those Joker gas canisters for the challenge.

Where and how to defuse the Joker gas canisters

It’s a relatively simple Batman Fortnite challenge as gamers need to defuse just three of the Joker’s gas canisters. All you have to do is locate the gas canister and press the square button on the PlayStation 4 controller (X button on Xbox One) to defuse it.  However, it’s a big island so finding the gas canister locations can be the biggest challenge. Luckily there’s help below.

Pleasant Park will have one of these gas cans for defusing. It’s under a sort of picnic area there next to a tree or post. Press square on PS4 controller or X on Xbox One and you should see a message saying “Welcome to Gotham City” with a look at your progress.

Loot Lake has another of the Joker gas canisters. It’s right near the side of a car parked up on a building rooftop there. You may need to descend or fly to get to the rooftop. Or, just climb stairs and jump to get to it. Press that square button again on PS4 or X on Xbox One, and you’ve got one to go.

Salty Springs is the final location to head to on the map. You’ll find a Joker gas canister located behind an overturned vehicle next to an orange and white road construction sign. Press the controller button to defuse it, and complete this Batman Fortnite challenge!

Once you complete the Batman Fortnite challenge by getting all three canisters, make sure to finish out the game instead of quitting, or you might lose your progress.

Check out the video below for a better look at each of these locations for the Joker gas canisters.

Bonus Joker gas canister location on island

One location is not mentioned up above or in the video. So gamers who may want to go somewhere else on the island, or grab a fourth canister, should try Retail Row.

A Joker gas canister location is right near a taco stand. It’s underneath an outdoor table for eating. The table will have plates and utensils on it. The canister is right beneath the table.

The new Batman-Fortnite crossover arrived on Saturday and it celebrates the 80th anniversary of the DC Comics superhero. Per Epic Games, there’s now a new Rift Zone in the game that brought Gotham City to the map. That includes a number of different challenges, such as the one above, to unlock rewards. In addition, there’s a new Batman Fortnite skin available in the game.

So Fortnite gamers have plenty of cool new content to check out, including those heroic missions to defuse Joker gas canisters!

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