Dubs fn cheating allegations: Fortnite player responds to accusations

Fortnite Battle Royale at GDC 2018 in San Francisco
Fortnite Battle Royale is caught up in an alleged cheating scandal with player Dubs fn. Pic credit: Official GDC/Wikimedia Commons

An alleged cheating scandal at the Fortnite World Cup is shaking up the esports world. Gamer Dubs fn has been accused of cheating at the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers, which could bring serious consequences.

If the allegations are proved true, the gamer could end up in hot water with Epic Games and end up kicked out of the competition.

Dubs fn competes within the Fortnite: Battle Royale community, and was accused of using a cheat during the Fortnite World Cup Open Qualifiers at the weekend.

Dubs fn managed to come in second and got into the tournament finals, per DotESports.

What does Fortnite World Cup cheating involve?

Fortnite cheats involve manipulation of the game during qualifying at a gamer’s home. This is because it’s tougher to detect instances of cheating that occur away from an event.

This allegation involves one of the top-ranked gamers, Dubs fn reportedly using a cheat provided from someone on Discord. A screen grab of the alleged cheating involves a user using the alias “RDubs”, who is said to be Dubs fn.

In a chat message, RDubs says to the cheat provider, “this cheat is lethal, everything looks legit.”

Adding to the cheating allegation is gamer Aspectdolphin, who said on Twitter that Dubs fn used to be “called Dubs back in FNPL days.”

He also said he knew of the situation and emailed Epic Games to let them know. Aspectdolphin also posted the reply he received from the Fortnite creator about his report.

Dubs fn reacts to allegations, the potential penalty

Dubs fn tweeted his reaction to the allegations, initially saying, “All I have to say is f**k all the people that don’t believe. I’m not cheating.”

Dubs fn then went on to say he’d record future qualifying rounds to prove this.

Cheating at the Fortnite World Cup could lead to disqualification from the tournament, as well as an account ban. So far, there is no report that Epic handed Dubs fn either of those punishments.

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