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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan: Transforming Vegeta card’s super attacks shown for global/JP battle game

The Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Transforming Vegeta card
The Transforming Vegeta card for Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has gaming fans buzzing. Pic credit: Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

When it comes to Dragon Ball Z Dokkan, Transforming Vegeta has fans of the iOS/Android app game wondering what sort of stats and super attacks the new card will be bringing to the table.

In comparison to SSBE Vegeta, as a leader skill, the Dokkan Transforming Vegeta card gives more attack but the tradeoff is that he has less defense and health.

The new Transforming Vegeta card joins up with others like Transforming Goku and Transforming Frieza (affectionately known as Transgoku and Transfriez). Here is a video showing off the super attacks of the Transgeta card.

Here are the stats on this Transforming Vegeta PHY card as listed by Team Dokkaner:

Transforming Vegeta

“Pure Saiyans” Category Ki +3, ATK/DEF/HP +150%

Passive Skill:

Lower end (1st form): ATK & DEF +80% & ATK +6% per ki orb

Higher end (Last form): ATK & DEF +120% & ATK +10% per ki orb; changes every ki orb on the board to PHY (once only)

(Don’t have the stats for the other forms)

Super Vegeta

INT type Ki +3, ATK/DEF/HP +90%

Passive Skill:

ATK & DEF +80%; plus an additional ATK & DEF +120% depending on HP remaining (the higher the HP the better the boost); guaranteed Critical Hit if an “Android” category enemy is present.

Super Saiyan Trunks (Future) (EZA from the existing card)

No Leader Skill is given yet

Passive Skill:

Ki +2, ATK & DEF +30% for all allies; ATK & DEF +70% if 2 or more “Vegeta’s Lineage” category allies are present.

SSB Vegeta (EZA from the existing card)

no Leader Skill is given yet

Passive Skill:

Ki +2, ATK & DEF +90%; ATK & DEF +30% for all allies if 2 or more “Vegeta’s Lineage” category allies are present.

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