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Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes: The pros and cons of Bungie’s Summer event and the grind for the Solstice of Heroes armor set

The Solstice of Heroes armor sets
Destiny 2 Solstice of Heroes offers grind-heavy summer fun.

Destiny 2’s Summer event, Solstice of Heroes, arrived last week to much fanfare and celebration. The month-long event, which is intended to commemorate your Guardian’s Moments of Triumph in the game, offers players the opportunity to earn a full set of 400 power masterwork armor for each of their Guardians.

That and many other rewards are offered in exchange for a rather long and grind-heavy chain of quests and activities. So, let’s take a look at Solstice of Heroes and answer the essential question: Is it worth your time and effort?

Before we explore the grind, however, we should remember that Solstice of Heroes is not just about earning loot. The event is intended to be a celebration of our achievements in the game.

As Guardians, you have helped the Last City recover from the ruination and death inflicted by Ghaul and the Red Legion, who tried to steal our light, hijack the Traveler, and obliterate the solar system.

Thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of the survivors of the Collapse were killed before we were able to defeat Ghaul and drive back his armies. In the end, our victory over the Cabal was all thanks to you, Guardian!

There is a rich history and deep lore behind the gunplay and hero moments in Destiny 2,  and it is important to reflect on who we are and where we come from, both as Guardians and a people.

As the Grimoire reminds us, humanity once reached the heights of greatness before the Darkness arrived and caused the Collapse.

“We know that humans and a people. lived longer, flew further, and knew more. We know that countless ancient diseases and hatreds were extinguished forever. Human aspiration gives birth to vast engineering projects, sweeping social movements, and even new forms of life.”

Ikora Ray of Destiny 2 stands outside the city during a celebration
Ghaul has been defeated, and as Ikora Ray said, it is time to celebrate — Pic credit: Bungie/ Activision

Humanity, and our allies, the Awoken and the Exos, were all able to recover and rebuild under the protection of Last City and the Guardians.

Nestled below the silent and sleeping Traveler, the Last City became the final refuge of the survivors of the Collapse, and it began to prosper. But then, Ghaul and the Red Legion arrived to steal our light and exterminate humanity.

Thankfully, we prevailed, and although there are still threats on the distant horizon, it is time to celebrate your accomplishments in Destiny 2. Take the words of the Warlock Vanguard, Ikora Rey, to heart, Guardian, and enjoy the party.

“This is our finest hour. Ever victorious against the enemies of humanity. Ever triumphant in our home, and around the system. Now the City wants to honor us. Who are we to deny them?”

But as Destiny 2 players know, after the party comes the grind. And guardians, the grind for Solstice of Heroes is considerable. Players are able to complete the Solstice of Heroes quests on up to three Guardians per account, which mean either three times the fun and three times the work.

In exchange for what is actually a great deal of effort, you can earn a full set of 400 power masterwork armor for each guardian on your account, plus sparrows, ghosts, weapon skins, and emotes. Guardians who are willing to complete the armor quest chain on all three of their characters can also receive an exclusive exotic ship.

To be clear, if you have a Hunter, a Titan, and a Warlock and you want the 400 power masterwork armor set for each of them, you will have to complete the armor quest chain on each individual Guardian.

As there are three levels of requirements to earn each 400 power masterwork armor set, you will have to complete a total nine levels of requirements to get the maxed out set for all three guardians. Each set will take from two days to a week of regular play, although some driven players have completed one 400 power masterwork set in one day.

The Solstice of Heroes statue in the Tower on Destiny 2
Guardians will find an impressive Solstice of Heroes statue in the Tower —Pic credit: Bungie/ Activision
Here are the requirements for each armor set, with thanks to RampantAce11, who made the original post on the Bungie forums.

To obtain the Rekindled (Rare) set:

• Helmet
– Complete the spark redux mission
– Collect 150 arc orbs
– Defeat 10 guardians in Crucible
• Gauntlets
– Complete the homecoming redux mission
– Collect 90 solar orbs in strikes
– Complete a meditation
• Chest
– Complete the chosen redux mission
– Collect 90 void orbs on earth
– Complete 10 heroic public events
• Legs
– Complete the 1AU redux mission
– Get 30 super kills in the crucible
– Defeat 50 minibosses
• Artifact
– Complete the payback redux mission
– Collect 150 void orbs
– Complete 10 patrols

To obtain the Resplendent (Legendary) set:

• Helmet
– Complete the chosen redux mission
– Defeat 200 enemies with solar supers
– Complete a nightfall strike
• Gauntlets
– Complete the payback redux mission
– Defeat 160 enemies with solar weapons
– Complete 3 heroic strikes
• Chest
– Complete the 1AU redux mission
– Defeat 120 enemies with arc grenades
– Win 5 non-private crucible matches
• Legs
– Complete the spark redux mission
– Defeat 60 enemies with void melees
– Complete 10 adventures
• Artifact
– Complete the homecoming redux mission
– Defeat 80 enemies with arc power weapons
– Defeat 500 enemies

To obtain the Masterwork Resplendent set:

• Helmet
– Complete the Nightfall Prestige at or above the bonus threshold
• Gauntlets
– Complete 5 heroic strikes with at least one clanmate
• Chest
– Complete the Leviathan raid on prestige difficulty
• Legs
– Achieve legend rank in Valor in PVP
• Artifact
– Defeat 10 bosses

Solstice of Heroes Resplendent helmets for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock on Destiny 2
Solstice of Heroes Resplendent helmets for Titan, Hunter, and Warlock — Pic credit: Bungie/ Activision

While the grind for one set of 400 power masterwork armor is time-consuming, it is manageable and even fun. However, the same can not be said for the grind for the ship, as it is a ton of work for a reward that has no effect on your characters power or strength and is purely cosmetic.

The requirements for the ship are quite substantial and will take most players two or three weeks. One player, who goes by the name of MGrinchy on Reddit, may have the record for fastest completion, but challengers are welcome to prove otherwise. MGrinchy posted how long it took him to earn the exotic ship on Reddit:

“Managed to complete all 3 classes for Solstice of Heroes in just under 57 hours this morning including 3 EoW Prestige runs. Once I got started I just couldn’t stop and was gunning for that ship too.”

Guardians can also earn Solstice of Heroes sparrows, ghosts, weapon skins, and emotes that come from Solstice Engrams. These engrams will drop during the Solstice of Heroes event.

Unfortunately, which item you will receive is based on the random number generator when you open a Solstice Engram at the Eververse store. There is also a sparrow, a ghost, and a t-shirt you can earn from completing a specific number of individual Triumphs.

Here is a complete list of all the individual Triumphs, their point values, and their requirements, with thanks to SHACKNEWS:

  • Bringer of Light – Finish Destiny 2’s Base Campaign – 10 Triumph Points
  • Follower of Osiris – Finish Curse of Osiris Campaign – 10 Triumph Points
  • Awaken the Warmind – Finish Warmind Campaign – 10 Triumph Points
  • The Hero We Deserve – Complete 25 Heroic Public Events – 10 Triumph Points
  • Treasure Hunter – Collect All Region Chests – 10 Triumph Points
  • Running Errands – Complete 25 Bounties – 10 Triumph Points
  • Check Out My Arsenal – Collect 25 Exotics Weapons or Armor – 15 Triumph Points
  • I Will Smash You – Defeat 100 Guards in the Crucible – 15 Triumph Points
  • Fleeting Memories – Collect All 45 Latent Memories – 15 Triumph Points
  • Adventurous – Complete 20 Adventures – 20 Triumph Points
  • Show Me The Way – Obtain Sagira’s Ghost Shell – 20 Triumph Points
  • Hive Extermination – Complete Tier 7 Escalation Protocol – 20 Triumph Points
  • In My Element – Collect 250 Elemental Orbs – 25 Triumph Points
  • Remember Who You Are – Complete Each Redux Mission Once – 30 Triumph Points
  • The Very Best – Reach Vanguard Rank 50 in Season 3 – 20 Triumph Points
  • The Fabled Guardian – Reach Fabled in Valor in Season 3 – 20 Triumph Points
  • The Emperor – Defeat Calus in the Leviathan Raid – 20 Triumph Points
  • Prove Your Worth – Complete Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars Raid Lairs – 20 Triumph Points
  • Fashion Hero – Upgrade the Full Solstice of Heroes Armor Set to Legendary – 50 Triumph Points
  • Above and Beyond – Masterwork Any Solstice of Heroes Armor Set – 50 Triumph Points

Here is a complete list of the Triumph rewards and their requirements, also with thanks to SHACKNEWS:

  • Renewed Triumph (Legendary Emblem) – Any Triumph Completed
  • The Right Choice (Legendary Ghost Shell – 125 Triumph Points
  • Moments of Triumph Shirt – 250 Triumph Points (See note below)
  • Comrades in Arms (Legendary Sparrow) – 300 Triumph Points
  • Eternally Triumphant (Legendary Emblem) – 400 Triumph Points
  • Estival Excursion (Exotic Ship) – Legendary Armor Set for All Classes

Note: Earning 250 Triumph Points does not get you the t-shirt, it only gets you access to buy the t-shirt. You will receive a code which you take to the Bungie store, and then you can use that code to gain access to buy the t-shirt with real money.”

Battle against Ghaul on Destiny 2
Guardians have another opportunity to show Ghaul who is boss in the Chosen Redux mission — Pic credit: Bungie/ Activision

As you can see, the 400 Power Masterwork Armor set and the exclusive exotic ship both require a lot of work and quite a bit of repetition. So, is it worth your time and effort? Sadly, the answer to that is a mixed bag, and for the casual player, the answer is no.

However, if you are a completionist, a collector, a hardcore player, a person who loves to grind or someone who just wants to stay busy in Destiny 2 until the Forsaken Expansion on September 4, then the answer is a qualified yes. But you better be patient, have an endless tolerance for some serious repetition, and not mind doing some PVP.

And that brings us to one of the major bones of contention about Solstice of Heroes, which is forcing PVE players to participate in PVP  and forcing PVP players to complete a Prestige Raid and a Prestige Nightfall.

The forums are full of complaints about these issues, especially from PVE players. However, this reviewer also feels it is important to stand up for dedicated PVP players who don’t enjoy Raids and Nightfall.

It is also important to understand that while the PVE crowd’s dislike of PVP is based primarily on personal preference, there are two other major issues at work when it comes to the Raids and Nightfall.

There is no matchmaking for Nightfall and no in-game system to find a group for raids. This, combined with a decimated player population, has made finding groups for Raids almost impossible and finding groups for Nightfall difficult.

Just some of the loot that players can acquire during Solstice of Heroes on Destiny 2
Solstice of Heroes offers some sweet-looking loot — Pic credit: Bungie/ Activision

Unfortunately, there are other issues with the Solstice of Heroes. Unless one feels that earning the ship and the 400 power armor sets merit the substantial effort, Guardians must remember that 400 Power armor will be meaningless when Forsaken raises the maximum power level to 600 in September.

Do you want to spend the better part of August grinding away and repeating the same activities over and over, only to see your armor become meaningless in a month?

Then there is the issue of Bungie’s decision to add to the uselessness of the armor set by not allowing Guardians to use it to infuse their current armor to 400 power.

This also means that if you want 400 power armor until Forsaken comes out, you must wear the Solstice of Heroes set instead of your current favorite armor. Thankfully, to their credit, the art department did a great job, and the 400 power armor looks great.

It remains to be seen if we will be allowed to infuse Solstice of Heroes armor after the Forsaken expansion is released. Certainly, this is a valid question, and players who like the look of the Solstice of Heroes armor would like an answer from Bungie.

Making matters even more complicated and controversial, you can’t pick and choose which armor pieces you want to earn. To get one particular piece of armor that you really want, you must complete the requirements for all five pieces of armor in each set.

This is particularly annoying for players who have one piece of armor in their current set that is lagging behind the rest of their gear. Progression has been a major issue for Destiny 2 since day one, as a Guardian may have four pieces of armor at 385 power and one at 378 power.

Yet, week after week, they can’t get a powerful engram to drop a higher level replacement 378 power armor piece, and this prevents them from reaching 385 power, which is the maximum power level without the Solstice of Heroes armor set.


Solstice Engram rewards from Destiny 2
Solstice Engram rewards from Eververse look great, but what you get is totally based on luck and the random number generator — Pic credit: Bungie/ Activision

Bungie’s tendency to crass commercialism has also affected the game, as players can not complete the Solstice of Heroes unless they own the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions. Owning the base game is not enough to complete the entire event.

Additionally, many players are not thrilled by one of the rewards offered in the Solstice of Heroes, which is a code to purchase a t-shirt for $24.99 or $29.99 with a tiny monogram of your Guardians name.

Considering the anger Bungie has already created by forcing players to own Curse of Osiris and Warmind in order to play Forsaken in September, the whole idea of making a pricey t-shirt one of the rewards for Solstice of Heroes smacks of greed and insensitivity.

For those of you who appreciate the bottom line, here is our grade for Solstice of Heroes. On a scale of one to 10, Solstice of Heroes earns a six.

So, if you enjoy grinding or you are determined to continue playing Destiny 2 every single day until Forsaken is released on September 4, 2018, get out there and earn those rewards, Guardian. To honor full disclosure, this reviewer will be out there grinding away with you.

I am Guardian Ghodzila. Over and out until next time.

“Even though in this world we may know grief and suffering, our dreams shall never die.”

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