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Destiny 2: Forsaken – What does the future hold for the lore and story in the Destiny franchise

Guardians will face the Scorn Baron known as The Mad Bomber in the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion – Pic Credit: Bungie/ Activision

With the September 4, 2018 release of the Destiny 2: Forsaken expansion, Bungie has opened an entire universe of possibility by forging an alliance between an outcast group of Fallen and the Guardians. We also learn that this Fallen leader, The Spider, has had an understanding with Petra Venj and the Awoken for some time, and he has lived on the fringes of the Dreaming City with their blessings.

By creating the first alliance between Guardians, the Awoken, and Spider’s Fallen, Bungie now has the option to explore an even greater alliance between alien races, Guardians, and the Awoken.

While it remains to be seen how Bungie will develop an alliance in the future, this reviewer hopes they will decide to build the Year Three expansion around The Fallen, once known as the Eliksni, returning to the light and fighting alongside the Guardians and the Awoken against the Darkness, led by Savathun, the Taken Queen.

It is important to remember that before the Traveler came to the Sol System and graced us with our Golden Age, she visited the Eliksni people first. Unfortunately, the Eliksni were attacked by a powerful cosmic force that unleashed what is now known as The Whirlwind, and the Traveler was forced to flee.

In the end, as millions of Eliskni died in agony, their legendary leader, Chelchis, Kell of Stone, searched the skies for the Traveler and uttered his plaintive cry.

“Where is the Great Machine? Where is the Great Machine?”

After the almost complete destruction of their race, the Elkisni survivors banded together, fleeing in their remaining ships to become a roving band of parasitic space pirates. A noble race with a highly developed culture fell from grace into savagery, endless warfare, thievery, and murder.

The idea of the Fallen reclaiming their nobility and their once great society by returning to the Light to fight alongside the Guardians is very appealing. There have been several hints that Savathun, the sister of the Taken King, Oryx, is driving the events in Destiny 2, and her return may be imminent. While her brother, Oryx, wielded a sharp-edged sword of almost unlimited physical might, Savthun wields the power of a cunning mind, which, in the right hands, is a much more deadly weapon.

Although the Guardians were able to destroy Oryx in Destiny 1, will we be able to stand alone against Savathun? If, in fact, the Taken Queen is the final enemy we must face in Destiny 2, Year Three, then an alliance with the Fallen may be the only chance the Guardians and the Awoken have to survive the return of the Taken and the Darkness.

Also, by pursuing this direction, Bungie would be able to explore one of the most intriguing questions raised about the Destiny franchise. Players and lore masters alike have wondered why the Traveler has always fled before the Darkness instead of standing and fighting to save the many races and systems she has graced with her light.

Is the Traveler unable or unwilling to defend the enemies of the Darkness or is she an agent of evil in the mold of Marvel’s Silver Surfer, reluctantly leading the Darkness, the Galactus of Destiny, to another victim?

Perhaps, if Bungie chooses to go in this direction, we may eventually learn why the Traveler sought refuge in our solar system and resurrected us as Guardians. Will the answer inspire us or break our spirit and our hearts?  Are we noble warriors of the Light or mindless pawns in a cruel, uncaring universe? After all we have done and suffered, we must learn the truth in order to face whatever comes next.

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