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Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro Bundle: Everything you need to know

Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro Bundle specifications, pricing, and availability. Pic Credit: Sony/YouTube

The latest Special Edition of Sony PlayStation 4 honors this year’s exclusive game Death Stranding, a bizarre action game developed by Kojima Productions. Sony Interactive Entertainment exclusively publishes the game for the PS4 gaming console.

Incidentally, this is the first game from director Hideo Kojima and Kojima Productions after they disbanded from the immensely popular Konami production house.

While the Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro Bundle includes the Pro Edition of PlayStation 4, the real show-stealer is the wireless DualShock 4 controller.

Not only does it sport a look inspired by the Death Stranding game, but it also has similar functionalities. The limited-edition PS4 gaming console will launch alongside the game on November 8 and will include several premium add-ons.

The game promises a true-to-life evolutionary style of combat and survival in which players suffering any damage has to bear the burden throughout the gameplay.

Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro Bundle and DualShock Controller promise immersive game-play:

Sony unveiled a new cosmetically enhanced version of the PlayStation 4. The Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro bears a shade of white covered in dark hand-prints. It is not clear whose hand-prints are imprinted on the latest PS4 custom-themed console, but the font is similar to the one used for the game’s cover.

Sony confirmed that the hand-prints appear to form the shapes of the world’s continents in the negative space. This design is undoubtedly a direct reference to the Death Stranding game’s plot and storyline.

The hand-prints could belong to the main character in the game, and could easily signify the efforts he makes to unify the highly fragmented regions.

Incidentally, the player’s ultimate goal in Death Stranding is to “reconnect isolated cities and a fragmented society,” which has become accustomed to living in isolation.

The custom design of the console is certainly not as flashy as Red Dead Redemption II. It also isn’t similar to God of War, Fortnight, and the Ratchet and Clank Edition, where the main characters are visible on the box. Instead, the latest custom edition of PS4 has eerie hand-prints that merely exacerbates the mystery, just like the game on which it includes.

The hardware underneath the hood of the Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro bundle is pretty standard. Sony has added some interesting cosmetics on top of a 1TB PS4 Pro system. The main attraction of the new PS4 is the custom DualShock 4 wireless controller.

The high-sensitivity controller is a translucent shade of orange, similar to the game’s BB Pod. Players can gently rock the controller to emulate holding the BB pod in their own hands. This action is applicable throughout the game.

Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro Bundle and DualShock Controller price and release dates

Directly translated, Death Stranding refers to the tragic event commonly referred to as “beaching,” where scores of whales or dolphins wash ashore. Once stranded, they die of suffocation, dehydration or hunger.

Their only hope is the goodness of humankind. There have been numerous occasions where individuals dragged or rolled these creatures back to the sea. Perhaps the PS4-exclusive Death Stranding game has somewhat similar intentions or expectations from players.

The Death Stranding PS4 Limited Edition Pro bundle comes with Death Stranding and the controller. It will launch on November 8 and will cost $399.99.

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