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Borderlands 3 vertical split screen: Fans claim game is impossible to play in co-op

Borderlands 3 vertical split screen
Borderlands 3 horizontal split-screen. Pic credit: Gearbox/game screen capture

Borderlands 3 hit and while a lot of fans eagerly started playing it as soon as it arrived, many have found one major problem. There is no vertical split-screen in the co-op mode, which make it impossible to play according to several claims.

Vertical vs. Horizontal split-screen in Bordlerlands 3

To understand the two modes of play, when two players are playing together in a game, there is a split-screen so each player can follow their action.

A vertical split-screen means the TV screen is split vertically down the middle with one player on the left and the other on the right. This makes the most sense because the players are often sitting next to each other — one on the left and one on the right.

However, in a horizontal split-screen, the split goes horizontally across the middle of the screen with one player on top and the other on the bottom.

Since very few televisions are square anymore, this means the action on the top and bottom are stretched out and many TV’s screens are small enough from top to bottom that it gives little room to see anything.

This is the biggest problem with the Borderlands 3 game.

Fans revolt against Borderlands 3

On the forums at Gearbox Software, a thread was opened with the complaints about the Borderlands 3 split-screen problem.

Many players seemed confused because the previous two Borderlands games had the option to change it to vertical split-screen.

“My partner and I have recently just finished playing both Borderlands GOTY and Borderlands 2 THC, in preparation for BL3.
We were very happy to find that there was an option to change to Vertical Splitscreen, and after editing our field of view, found split screen incredibly comfortable and enjoyable to play,” one person wrote.

Imagine our dismay upon logging into BL3 for the first time, upon its immediate release, only to find… or rather… not find any option to change splitscreen to Vertical. This horizontal split screen is horrible and makes the game very unenjoyable.”

The thread was filled quickly with 83 responses from gamers, all saying that they wanted to play the game with their partners but were unable to because of the horizontal split screen making it hard to see anything. They also claimed it also made it impossible to read anything on each part of the screen.

Over on Twitter, fans jumped in as well and wondered if Gearbox was going to respond to the complaints.

It is even worse over at Metacritic where gamers have given Borderlands 3 a terrible 4.4 User Score.

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