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Borderlands 3 locked chest or Typhon Dead Drop is easy to open if you follow the steps to locate just three Typhon Logs in the Droughts

Borderlands 3 Locked Chest Open Guide
Borderlands 3 ‘Typhon Dead Drop’ Crew Challenges Open Locked Chest Pic Credit: 2K Games

Grabbing the three Typhon Logs will unlock the location of Typhon Dead Drop locked chest in the Droughts region of Borderlands 3.

Borderlands 3 is an awesome game with several main missions that will keep players engaged for hours on end. However, for serious gamers and players who love to explore the vast terrain within the game, there are several more exciting smaller missions.

One of the most common and engaging diversions within Borderlands 3 is the Crew Challenges. These hidden extra side missions are scattered all over the map and usually require a player to roam around taking down smaller enemies. In return for completing these missions, the game rewards players with Eridium and loot.

‘The Droughts’ is the first large area in Borderlands 3. Gamers will be tracking down Typhon Logs and Dead Claptraps, the main components in this area. The primary mission is the ‘Legendary Hunt’ in this map of Borderlands 3. While new players might face some mild difficulty locating the objects, a little game-play will actually reveal how to find them.

A keen sense of direction and some quick footing will help players complete the ultimate goal of their scavenging, which is to unlock the Typhon Dead Drop. Incidentally, it is this mission that’s shows itself as Locked Chest in Borderlands 3. Interestingly, the chest contains a few powerful items, most of which are guns that will help in the journey.

[Warning of Borderlands 3 Game Spoilers Ahead]

How to open Locked Chest In The Droughts area of Borderlands 3?

The Typhon Dead Drop shows up as a locked chest that’s partially hidden away in the Droughts. Players who wish to open the same, essentially need to locate three Typhon Logs that are spread around the area. Incidentally, the locked chest is in the back corner of a sub-area. The area is patrolled by a semi-tough enemy. Moreover, located near the locked chest is a Big Succ quest objective.

The first of the Typhon Logs is located to the northwest of the makeshift Crimson Raiders base in The Droughts. The most obvious landmark is the spine of a long-dead monster. There are no enemies in sight. So, capturing this area shouldn’t be difficult. The second one is located in the middle of a skag nest on the eastern side of the area. Players must carefully climb on top of some rocks to reach it.

Grabbing these two aren’t difficult, and players can easily get them while completing other missions. The third Typhon Log is not only difficult, but it can only be reached during the story mission Taking Flight. The last piece of the puzzle is located at the back of the encampment, which overlooks a cliff edge. Incidentally, players will also locate the Space Nav Chip at this location.

Grabbing the three Typhon Logs will unlock the location of Typhon Dead Drop locked chest in the Droughts region of Borderlands 3.

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