Batman vs Snake Eyes: Fortnite just revealed who wins

Batman vs Snake Eyes
Batman vs Snake Eyes Fortnite Pic credit: DC Comics

Warning: This story has SPOILERS for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #3.

Fornite just gave comic book fans the dream matchup they never thought they’d see.

The newest issue of the tie-in of Batman handling the wild video game world has the Dark Knight getting closer to the secret of the island before tangling with a famous ninja character. 

Batman on the island

The series has Batman landing on Fornite island, where he’s soon pulled into the Battle Royal aspect of the popular video game where players clash in wild fights. 

He’s not alone, as with him are Catwoman and Harley Quinn, each with their own unique fights and skills tangling with other enemies.

Keeping to the Fornite mythos, every 22 minutes, a storm roars in to wipe out everyone and then restart the fight with no memories of what’s happened.

It takes the World’s Greatest Detective to see this pattern and try to figure out a way to leave clues for himself to remember what happened in hopes of beating this twisted game. 

Writer Christos Gage told Inverse this was what drew him to the project as “this is the ultimate challenge for the world’s greatest detective. If he can’t remember things past 22 minutes, how can he deduce anything? So I think it challenged me as a writer to think about ways for him to do that — and it challenges the character.”

A mysterious figure watches Batman, noting his improvements with each fight before finally facing off to reveal his identity: G.I. Joe’s Snake Eyes. 

The dream fight

Snake Eyes
Ray Park as Snake Eyes in GI Joe Retaliation Pic credit: Hasbro/Paramount Pictures

Since G.I. Joe A Real American Hero began in 1982, Snake Eyes has easily been its most famous character. 

A soldier horribly scarred in battle (which also rendered him mute), Snake Eyes is an expert ninja known for never giving up in a fighter and clashing with Cobra and especially former friend turned rival Storm Shadow.

The 2009 GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra film had Ray Park playing the role, and he reprised it for the Retaliation sequel. The upcoming Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins film is a prequel with Henry Golding taking on the part.

For decades, fans had dreamed of what would happen when these two faced off, and Gage was fully aware of the pressure on him. 

“We get this fight that I’ve personally been wanting to see since the ’80s. I remember being a kid and going into a toy store and finding the giant, Treasury-edition-sized Batman versus Hulk comic and just being blown away. I hope that what we’ve done will make somebody feel that way today. And it’s also a little bit of a love letter to ’80s action movies. I feel like Johnny Lawrence on Cobra Kai would enjoy this comic.”

Artist Reilly Brown echoed the sentiment. “It really was just me playing with two toys and then drawing the adventures on the page,” he says. “It was a lot of fun, and it really did bring me back to the ’80s and feeling like a kid again.”

The outcome and fallout

Batman vs Snake Eyes
Batman vs Snake Eyes by Jim Lee Pic credit: DC Comics

So who wins? As it turns out, neither.

Both men give it their all, each instantly seeing the other as a worthy opponent with Snake Eyes’ swords clashing with Batman’s weapons, many of which he’s “borrowed” from fallen players.

Thanks to the “reset,” the pair end up fighting several times, each subconsciously remembering their previous fights so able to counter the other. 

When another combatant tries to attack them both, Batman and Snake Eyes put their fight aside to take him down. Realizing that they’re too evenly matched, the pair give each other a respectful bow before going their separate ways. 

It’s hinted this is only the first of several surprise matchups in the comic, with Gage bringing up how Fornite fans may be surprised at the “time loop” shown in the comic and not the game itself. 

“It is way more complex than I think anyone really imagines. I was like, ‘Are you serious that we can reveal this secret and that secret in the comic book? You’re not saving this for the game?’ And Donald [Mustard’s] answer was no.” And this is only the beginning.

We’re going to start coming at you hard and fast with the lore, with the characters finding things out that have never been revealed before and expanding upon things fans have been speculating about at the center of the game.”

If nothing else, this crossover will be remembered for finally giving fans one of the all-time dream Batman matchups

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point by Christos Gage and Reilly Brown on sale now.

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Anubhab Chakraborty
9 months ago

This gonna be fun to watch. Waiting for it.