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Batman is in an endless loop in his Fortnite crossover

Batman is in an endless loop in his Fortnite crossover
Batman in Fortnite. Pic credit: Epic

DC Comics released the first issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point hit two weeks ago and took the Caped Crusader into the world of the popular video game.

The second issue hit this week, and Fortnite has officially brought Batman Zero into the game with the release of this issue.

Batman Zero is now in the Fortnite shop to purchase, but some of his story could also show up on the island as well. The Bat-Cave has also arrived on the island, and that showed up in the second issue as well.

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point issue 2

In the first issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point, Batman was pushed into a portal after watching Harley Quinn jump into it willingly.

He then found himself on the Fortnite island. He had no memories of who he is, where he came from, and he couldn’t even speak. Then, several strange characters attacked him, everyone trying to kill each other.

He eventually found Catwoman, and the two fought together until a storm mysteriously closed in on them and killed them both.

Gamers who play Fortnite know what this means, as it is the start and finish to the battle royale games.

In the second issue, Batman had played this repeatedly. Every time he died and returned to life, he was once again memory wiped. He still does not know who he is or what the bat signifies, but he is a smart man.

He left notes all over his costume and eventually created his own Bat-Cave, where he has lots of information he gathered to help him in the future.

He finally got a note left to Catwoman so she could understand that each time they resurrected they had played this game before.

Batman is caught in an infinite loop. He has no memories of who he is, but he has learned he kept his emotional feelings (especially toward Catwoman).

He also learned there is one spot in the center of the storm where one person alone can survive. However, he made sure it was Catwoman and now he is fighting alone once again.

Where to find Batman in Fortnite

For fans of Fortnite, there is an unlockable code in each issue where a person can get a new object. The first issue was Harley Quinn. The second issue was a Batman glider.

You can get these in the physical comics. If you are a subscriber to DC Infinite, you can read it and get the code emailed to you (you have to read it on the app, as reading on a computer does not work).

As for Batman’s Cave on Fortnite, it is on the southwest side of Slurpy Swamp. A small shack is at the edge of a cliff. The Batman symbol is attached to the front door along with Batarangs in the area.