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Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point creators talk importance to the game’s future

Fortnite director tremendously involved in Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic book
Batman and the characters from Fortnite. Pic credit: DC Comics

Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point hit comic book stores on April 20 and sold out almost immediately.

This is because the comic book includes a digital code for exclusive DC skins and weapons for the Fortnite game, and gamers have to collect all six issues, each with different prizes, to get the big prize at the end.

This is the Armored Batman Zero Outfit.

The books will go on sale every other week, with issues hitting on April 20, May 4, May 18, June 1, and June 15. They will be available both in print editions at comic book stores and digitally through DC Infinite.

Codes are available in all print issues and to all DC Infinite subscribers after they read the comics.

Batman/Fortnite comic book creative team

Epic Games CCO Donald Mustard had a major role in bringing the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point comic book to life.

The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point creative team of Christos Gage (Nightwing) and Reilly Brown (Harley Quinn) talked about Mustard’s involvement at a press event promoting the comic book series.

“Oh, he was tremendously involved,” Gage said. “He brought the basic storyline to us, as far as ‘Here’s what happens… He’s a long-time comic book fan, so he was very into making calls, like when we would ask about things that maybe hadn’t necessarily been decided yet. I can’t really mention any without major spoilers, actually.'”

“He’s been tremendously, tremendously involved. He’s even drawing variant covers for every issue. He could not be more involved or passionate about this.”

What is Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point about?

Just like in the Marvel Fortnite crossover with Thor, this is about bringing a superhero to the island and then taking away their memories.

Thor arrived in his series along with other characters, including Iron Man, She-Hulk, Wolverine, and more. None of them remembered who they were or even remembered each other.

That led to an in-game crossover where the Marvel heroes were available to use in the game and it ended with Galactus showing up.

The DC crossover with Fornite does not include the in-game play, and it will play out instead with the six-issue comic book series.

Spoilers follow for Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #1.

In the first issue, a portal opens over Gotham City, and Harley Quinn leaps in despite Batman warning her not to. Before he can do anything, someone kicks him from behind, sending Batman into the portal and onto the island in Fortnite.

Much like Thor, Batman has no memories, but he is even harder hit. He doesn’t know who he is and doesn’t even know how to speak. The entire issue plays out with his thoughts on what is going on.

He meets up with Catwoman, and the two realize they know each other and might love each other, fighting together. However, the storm in the game rolls in, and both of them die in the end.

The good news is that, just like every character in the Fortnite game, they rejuvenate and return. It is up to Batman to figure out what is happening and how to get back home.

The big news for Fortnite gamers is that this will affect the game, even though it is playing out in the comics.

“In this case, from the start, Donald was like, ‘No, this is going to have a lasting impact on Fortnite right now,'” Gage said.

“This is literally a huge part of the Fortnite mythos going forward — I mean, at least from what Donald says is going to be, with what Batman does in this storyline. This is really part of the continuity, and that’s awesome because that’s not something you see all the time.”

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