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Back 4 Blood alpha: When does it start and what do we know?

Back 4 Blood logo with image of a zombie horde
Back 4 Blood is a new zombie game from Turtle Rock. And it looks awesome. Pic credit: Turtle Rock

Yesterday’s Game Awards 2020 were marked with the announcement by Turtle Rock of a brand new zombie game called Back 4 Blood, and they’re releasing a closed alpha later this month.

Many folks have already pointed out that the trailer looks very similar to Left 4 Dead. Well, there’s probably a good reason for that as it’s been developed by four ex-Left 4 Dead guys, and it’s been described as a “spiritual successor.”

As yet, we don’t know too much about the game outside the official trailer, but it’s being billed as a cooperative first-person shooter for Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5, and PC.

The storyline has players and their compatriots battling against a deadly parasite that seems intent on wiping out humanity.

The trailer showed a gang of hardy-looking humans with a variety of different weapons taking the fight to a series of weird creatures, including some that were 20 feet tall. Zombies. They’re definitely some kind of zombie type creatures.

The bad news is we’ll have to wait until June 22, 2021, for the zombie apocalypse to arrive. Of course, that’s if there aren’t any delays; 2020 has been a hellish year for delays.

But thankfully, you’ll be able to try it out a lot sooner as they’ve planned a closed alpha to run from Thursday, December 17,  until Monday, December 21. An early Christmas present for many of us.

How will the Back 4 Blood alpha work?

You have to sign up and register for the Back 4 Blood closed alpha on their website and get a Steam code. You’ll need a PC (it won’t work on anything else, not yet anyway), and it will need some minimum specifications, so nothing too old, guys.

You’ll also need to create a WB Games Hub account if you haven’t got one already.

Unfortunately, registration doesn’t guarantee you a spot as there’s only a certain amount of places to be allocated. It’s also limited to players in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Germany.

It begins on December 17 at 11 am PST, so if you’re in the UK, you’ll need to wait until 7 pm. Or 8 pm if you’re in France or Germany.

Ensure you check your spam and promotions folders on your email just in case they have sent you a code. You wouldn’t want to make the cut and then lose out that way.

Check out their FAQs if you have any problems downloading.

Fans are getting excited about Back 4 Blood

Some fans have already been getting super excited about the game.

One fan wrote on Twitter: “I GOT INTO THE ALPHA FOR THE BACK 4 BLOOD!!! OMG.”

Fan tweets excitement at being selected for alpha
Pic credit: @applewifey/Twitter

Another fan on Twitter said the game looks “like SO MUCH FUN!!!”

Fan tweets that Back 4 Blood looks so much fun
Pic credit: @ClemntsNickola/Twitter

Check out the trailer below.

In other gaming news, it was announced today that Sephiroth, the villain from Final Fantasy VII, will be making his way into the Smash Bros. Ultimate game, possibly as early as next week.

Back 4 Blood is scheduled for general release on June 22, 2021.

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