A Song of Ice and Fire RPG: Playing Game of Thrones without the actual bloodshed

A Song of Ice and Fire roleplaying game graphic
Now you can get your Game of Thrones on with this roleplaying game. Pic credit: Green Ronin Publishing

Winter is Here and right now a lot of people are caught up in the final season of HBO’s Game of Thrones.  Quite a few fans have probably wondered at one time or another how they’d do in the real Game of Thrones: if they’d actually end up on the Iron Throne or become just another fool who underestimated the depravity of the other contestants.

Well, if you’re interested, there is a way you can find out how well you’d do in Westeros, and you can do it on the cheep while helping out a worthy cause.

A short, personal interjection: I’m a gamer, but my favorite console is my kitchen table.  That’s right, I’m an old-time pen and paper roleplaying aficionado: nearly 35 years a gamer, with 30 of those years behind the game master screen.  Today, however, I’m talking less about Dungeons & Dragons and more about D Cups & Dragons…

The A Song of Ice and Fire roleplaying game was released by Green Ronin Publishing in 2009. Designed by Robert J. Schwalb, it won the 2009 Silver ENnie Award for Best Rules and the Quickstart Edition (which is a preview of the game and rules) won the Gold ENnie Award for Best Free Product.

The game was re-released as the Game of Thrones Edition in 2012, along with a new cover (a more detailed version of a fight between Robert Baratheon and Rhaegar Targaryen).

To roleplay, one needs people who act as original characters within the world, someone who controls the game from behind a screen (usually known as the game master), dice (in this case 6 sided ones), and a whole lot of imagination.

The game not only has one book that contains all the rules for creating characters and playing, but there are other books in the series that go into greater detail on the different areas of Westeros, as well a many of the well-known characters–some of whom you may or may not run into during your adventures.

While this may seem pretty intimidating, it’s a lot of fun and can become rather addictive over time–just don’t get so caught up in your characters that you start drinking all the wine in the house or you may try setting people on fire with your “dragon”.

Now, if you were to get all the books in this game series from either Green Ronin Publishing or Amazon, it would end up costing you close to $150 USD. However, at the moment there is an alternative.

Bundle of Holding is a group that sells PDF versions of games while donating a portion of the money collected to various charities. Right now, until May 6, 2019, they are selling the entire series of RPG rule books and supplements, with ten percent of all sales going to the Union of Concerned Scientists.

For $14.95, you’ll get the core rules and the main Westeros supplement, as well as a quick adventure.  But, should you “level up” to a minimum of $26.70, you’ll receive the rest of the supplements and adventures as well.

This is such a good deal that I’ve bought it as well, in the hopes that one day, I’ll be able to sit in front of a bunch of players while wearing a blond wig and holding out a glass as I say, “More wine.”

While roleplaying may not be your jam, you may know someone who would love something like this. But since I’m sure most of you know more than Jon Snow, you’ll help spread the word.

Promise me that if you do play this game, you don’t eat all the chicken in the room.

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