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A classic Star Wars game may be getting a modern remake

Knights of the Old Republic
Dark Malak in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Pic credit: BioWare

One of the greatest Star Wars games ever may be getting a new life. 

Word has come that Aspyr Media is working on a remaster of 2003’s Knights of the Old Republic RPG adventure. This would give a new generation a chance to enjoy not just one of the best Star Wars games ever but one of the best RPGs ever made. 

What is KOTOR?

Released by BioWare for the PC and Xbox in 2003, Knights of the Old Republic (or KOTOR to use the fan nickname) is set four thousand years before the events of the movies.

It takes place when the Republic is at war with the Sith Empire. Players can choose their character, either male or female, as either a scout, soldier, or scoundrel, each with their own unique skills. 

After escaping a Sith attack and adventures on a planet, the player unlocks their character’s hidden Force powers and is trained as a Jedi. They then lead a crew of misfits on the search for the Star Forge, a massive factory that can end the Sith threat. 

The game was hailed for its fantastic storyline and terrific voice acting work. It also boasted memorable characters from villain Darth Malak to Darth Revan and the incredibly popular psychotic droid HK-47.

Another highlight was the game possessing one of the greatest plot twists in video game history. There were also the scores of side quests and whether the player chooses the Light or Dark Side, which made sure no replay was the same game twice. 

KOTOR was a massive hit that earned dozens of 2003 Game of the Year awards. BioWare did not produce the 2004 sequel, which Obsidian Entertainment handled. While praised for the storyline, that game did not achieve the success of its predecessor.

BioWare produced 2011’s The Old Republic, an online MMO game allowing players to take part in scores of stories.

A Remaster or Remake?

While rumors have abounded for years of a third official KOTOR game, BioWare has been busy producing hits like the Mass Effect franchise. Yet it appears a remake of the original might come first.

During a discussion with IGN, Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier stated that a remake of the game is coming from Aspyr Media. The company does have experience developing modern ports of past Star Wars games like Episode I: Pod Racers and Jedi Academy.

Nothing official has come from Lucasfilm, but it is assumed BioWare is not involved in this remake. 

Remasters have become a new trend in video gaming, with BioWare about to release a huge one for the Mass Effect trilogy. However, one rumor is KOTOR isn’t just getting a spiffy polish.

Video game YouTuber MrMattyPlays has brought up reports that rather than the turn-based combat of the original game, the new KOTOR will be a real-time combat experience not unlike Mass Effect. It may also possess newly animated cut-scenes.

This may be daring, but there is precedent for it. Square Enix developed Final Fantasy VII in 2020, a stunning remake of the original RPG adventure and hailed for its improved graphics and gameplay while keeping to the heart of what made the original game work.

If work has indeed begun, it’s possible the remake might be timed for release to coincide with the game’s 20th anniversary in 2023.

So far, these are only rumors, but the possibility of a newer version of this iconic Star Wars experience would be a thrill for fans old and new. 

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