Which 90 Day Fiance star is getting screwed over the most?

Jenny in India has been betrayed by her fiance, Sumit, who just admitted he was married. Jenny should do the following: Insist on meeting Sumit's wife and tell her how he cheated on her. Both ladies should be tested for sexually transmitted diseases, who knows how many women he has been with? If necessary, Jenny should go to the American embassy in India and see if they can assist her on getting home.

TLC should have some culpability for not checking out the background of these couples before they put them on the show. Jenny should see a lawyer when she gets home. AND JENNY SHOULD HOLD HER HEAD HIGH AND GO ON WITH HER LIFE, SHE HAS DONE NOTHING WRONG.
This man has fooled her twice - don't let it be three times Jenny - kept her on the hook pretending to be one man for some time before revealing who he was - now always scared of his parents???? finding out - or is it his poor wife he's been visiting