What are your Oak Island theories?

There are so many theories about Oak Island and what happened there. Interested to know what you all think?
If a treasure had been buried on Oak Island, wouldn't it be logical for the buriers to create a map so that the treasure could be located upon their return? If they did not return, then where is that map now? And, if they did return did they clean out the treasure.?
It is fascinating that evidently someone apparently did a lot of work there, a long time ago; WHY? And, puzzling that, so far, all attempts to uncover whatever is at that bottom of that drilling site have been unsuccessful; so far. What is the story behind these buried structures?
It will be very disappointing if nothing significant is found, except silt and rotting timbers.
Every searcher has dug the money pit, it's obvious that it's just a decoy, the treasure is no where near the money pit. I believe it was put there to divert attention from the actual site, and cause anyone looking for the treasure to run out of resources looking in the wrong place. I'd say it's been pretty successful deterring the searchers from looking in the right place. Where do I think it is? I have a thought, but I won't be sharing it here.
Got some news for everyone...they have found zilch! I live in Nova Scotia and can tell you with certainty they have not discovered a thing. The dept of art and antiquities has not been contacted meaning not even close to finding something. Waste of time


Long standing question. Are they just going to continue boring holes and probably continue to destroy any hyped treasures, artifacts and documents in a possible once sealed chamber or will they actually excavate somehow? Maybe by season 20 we will know
I think that they should look under nolan's cross that's a very interesting place on the island and the cross matches the cross tunnel at the last place they visited
Here’s one coming from left field. Available worldwide evidence and the strangely silent US government make a strong argument that our solar system has been and still is being visited by civilization(s) from other star systems. Those with interest in the field know that alien craft utilize the amplification and manipulation of the gravity generated by a stable element #115. Properly used, it can render mass weightless in a gravitational field. Compare the internal structure in and beneath the great pyramid at Giza to what’s known about the structures and tunnels on Oak Island. Could it be possible that historically there was a secret society (Templars?) with knowledge of and with aid from “the grays” that were tasked to move for safe keeping a cache of stable element #115 from Jerusalem to Oak Island? Perhaps the Lagina brothers’ search will end up changing world history in ways never imagined. Or perhaps the show will end abruptly, without explanation, and those responsible for overseeing the 25% of the Pentagon budget which is black to all others will claim that the show never existed and that those who watched it are never to speak of it again or else.