What are your Oak Island theories?

There are so many theories about Oak Island and what happened there. Interested to know what you all think?.... (((Pressure test your pipe at H8 I think it's what it's called, seal top of pipe with one way valve in middle of cap start adding air pressure to it and get ready.... It will push all the water out then start blowing big air bubbles where water is coming in, on the river we called it pressure testing, it was used on boats and barges
I've been watching from day one. There's a lot of evidence of Templar or Free Mason symbols and engineering. I think fresh water may itself be the treasure. The coconut fibers in the French drains were filters to the main well. Perhaps this was a dry dock for a ship, docking or maybe construction. So actually the shafts would not have been booby traps, but we're purpose-built flood tunnels. The use could have been a permanent water source for a hidden town or ship dock. My opinion is that the treasure was just a ruze to get workers to dig the shafts. But as a fan of the show I'll keep watching to find out.