The Curse of the Civil War Gold

Every show about CSA Gold has went to the wrong place of where the robbery of the CSA Gold occurred? The robbery did not occur at the Chennault Plantation. Sure some of the treasure was hidden and recovered later there. But to find this gold you have to get closer to where the robbery occurred. I have tons of research and I laugh at all of the researchers that have been on everyone of these shows. They are indeed lacking. Marty if you want to recover CSA and/or KGC Gold contact me. PS There is no gold missing from the site of the capture of President Jefferson Davis.
There may have been gold in the boxcar that was pushed overboard when it was loaded onto the ferry....but was probably empty when pushed overboard. They used the boxcar to get it on the ferry,,,,but did not want anyone looking thru it on the other side. If they just emptied the boxcar,then it would raise questions as to why someone would pay to ferry a empty the gold could have been dispersed on the ferry,,,,,then the boxcar tossed to avoid any questions about why it was empty. Also they did not have the tech back then to relocate the boxcar if it was loaded with why throw it over with the boxcar. Another did they get a railroad boxcar onto a ferry?