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Welcome to M&Cs community forums where we like to use a light touch regards what can be posted or discussed.

However, we do have a few rules that we'd really appreciate that you follow.

A good guide is to think about if you were visiting someone's home and how you would behave there.


We know that discussions and arguments can get heated and people are passionate about their views. However, please try and keep your discussions civil. If you'd think twice about saying it to someone in real life then think twice before you post it online.


Deliberately trying to cause an argument or disrupt a discussion, commonly known as trolling, will not be tolerated. Do not feed the trolls!

Hate Speech

Although we at M&C firmly believe in everyone's right to say what they want, that does not include inciting hatred. Any sort of speech that is designed to drum hatred for any group be it by race, sexuality, religion or anything else is prohibited.

Threatening Behaviour

We have zero tolerance for any kind of threats, whether physical or otherwise. Just avoid doing and it and please report any threats you receive to us.


Please try and avoid swearing or at least keep it to a minimum and when relevant to the thread.

A good way of thinking about how to behave on the forum is to imagine you'd been invited round to someone's house for dinner or a few beers.
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