Live from TCA - notes from Nat Geo Channel with Gordon Ramsay live

Do you think Ramsay as an adventure/chef works in this new NGC reality docuseries?

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April Neale

For fan of #Uncharted with Gordon Ramsay
Gordon picks up a bit where the late Anthony Bourdain's show left off, sending the chef into the world to eat some unusual food, even guinea pigs. Also, he swears less than in the kitchen and blamed his mum for his potty mouth. He says he wanted the vulnerability that was part of each episode of Gordon Ramsay Uncharted. Exec producer Jon Kroll notes he had to do everything first to make sure Ramsay wouldn't die doing anything. They were also well-insured ;)
He says he was in fear of his life almost every episode of Uncharted
But he had a lot of fun. He learned to hold his breath for two and half minutes and says his sea adventure was like being in the middle of Finding Nemo.


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April Neale

it is important to note that Gordon Ramsay took a break from filming the
Masterchef on FOX finale to be here at the TCA television critics press tour with all of us including #MonstersandCritics

The show premiered July 21 & the 6 part series airs Sunday nights on


Side note gem: According to Gordon Ramsay live on panel today, his fishing experience growing up with his father was criminal. His dad was a salmon poacher.