Jeanne Covey

Barbara and Jeanne live down the road from me and one Thursday evening about 8:30pm Barbara texted me asking me to go by her house to check on her husband who hadn't answered his phone for several days while Barbara and Jeanne were in Houston. I got the address and went, even as I knocked on the door he had already passed away. You will never know how disturbing that was to me when I learned that he was on the other side of the door in body only with ALL THOSE DOGS, it gave me the heebie-jeebies for months !! Just about a month ago (May 2019) I saw Barbara at Brookshires in Gilmer, Texas, she looked AMAZING!!! She said she followed Dr Now’s 1200 calorie diet that he had ordered for Jeanne, the daughter, and Barbara had been totally successful. I hugged her neck and spoke to her but I never mentioned that night I had gone over there or asked how her daughter was doing. I just couldn't.