Chucky or Annabelle: Which horror doll do you prefer?

April Neale

Who do you prefer, Annabelle from the Conjuring franchise or Chucky from Child's Play?

The two horror doll icons will be battling it out at the box office this weekend. For those who don't plan to see one or both of the films, you can see our spoilers and whether or not there will be sequels:

Annabelle Comes Home (spoilers)

Child's Play 2019 (spoilers)
Chucky is the OG creep doll right? Have to go with the classics ;P
I like Chucky because of the humor. I never liked creepy horror, and Annabelle is more true horror than Child's Play. It is the same reason I prefer Nightmare on Elm Street over Friday the 13th
Chucky was a really creepy and fun character. The subject of a few of my nightmares as a teenager... and I don't often have nightmares...!