As Streaming TV services multiply are we as consumers about to get stung?

James Wray

Streaming TV has been great for users, with almost everything you'd want to watch available over a couple of services. Personally, I have Amazon Prime and Netflix.

However, there are about to be a whole lot more with many big companies taking their shows away from the existing streaming players and setting up their own.

What do you think, will people sign up for loads of these? I think it is more likely they will run for a bit and then fail, with some merge taking place.

April Neale

Believe me we talk about this all the time at TCA, someone is going to wrap them up like cable and offer a tiered a la carte experience...wait for it...just like cable. It's heading that way espesh since so many devices and people want simplicity, they want top turn on Netflix like NBC and not d*** around with a Roku of firestick.
Yea I agree that giving consumers a la carte for the channels they want on a streaming service is the way to go. That said, I'll have no problem giving the new Disney+ a try just for the new Avengers and Star Wars series.