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  1. Kendallfan

    So over Baby Snatching on Bold & Beautiful!!

    This has really been something else. I am newer to Bold, but I can't even stand how long they have dragged out this storyline. If it went from Feb sweeps to May sweeps, maybe -- just maybe, I would have enjoyed it. It looks like summer will be the end though, so hopefully that means this month...
  2. Kendallfan

    Hoping Kristina can bring Shiloh down

    I was hoping so too! Unfortunately, it looks like Margaux may be the one to kill Shiloh. At least that is what some folks are talking about. I'm ready for this cult storyline to disappear!
  3. Kendallfan

    How will this Ryan thing go down?

    Now that we were left with Ava stabbing Ryan in the back on Friday, there are some theories going around about what will happen. Which turn will the General Hospital writers take? And can we please finish all these outlandish storylines?
  4. Kendallfan

    Hope’s future

    I totally agree with Thomas getting the terrible traits from both Taylor and Ridge. HUGE YIKES!
  5. Kendallfan

    Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup trailer

    After Season 2 of Love After Lockup, there is way more going down! The trailer only highlights bits and pieces and there is so much more to watch! Lizzie and Scott are a trainwreck I can't turn away from and it looks like she is going to throw hands! Brittany and Marcelino seem to be the...
  6. Kendallfan

    Are you Team Nessa or Team Jenelle after their argument on the reunion?

    Most definitely Nessa. Jenelle has been claiming ignorance for far too long. The fact that she stormed off stage when confronted with the same thing that she complains about when it happens to her is just rich. I can't wait to see what Dr. Drew will say to her and how things will go down!
  7. Kendallfan

    Hope’s future

    I'm torn on this. I REALLY like Steffy/Liam together, BUT the baby storyline is just a bit much for me. Like had something else happened that split them up, I would be cheering for Steffy to win over Liam. The cost of their marriage over the death of their baby who isn't really dead is over the...
  8. Kendallfan

    Another Rosales family member?

    Another new face will be coming to Genoa City. Is anyone else super shocked by this? I mean, they are getting rid of Mia and Arturo but bringing mama Rosales in? What could this mean? Side note: I am super excited it is Eva LaRue...
  9. Kendallfan

    Who else is ready for Michelle to return as Phyllis?

    When the news broke that Michelle Stafford was returning to the role of Phyllis, there was a mixed reaction. Some loved her and some grew to love Gina Tognoni. Here is the latest on when she will debut --...
  10. Kendallfan

    Jacqueline MacInnes Wood won Lead Actress Daytime Emmy in 2019

    Steffy Forrester is a tricky character. The Bold and the Beautiful fans either love her or hate her, there is no in between. Her feud with Hope Logan has been ongoing and only recently has peace even been on the table. Jacqueline MacInnes Wood won the 2019 Daytime Emmy Award for Lead Actress...
  11. Kendallfan

    Why is Hayden coming back to Port Charles?

    For several months now, the General Hospital writers have been inserted Hayden's name into the script. During November 2018 sweeps there was some speculation Hayden would return after she reached out to Finn. Now that he moved on with Anna and is about to pop the question (will he ever get that...