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  1. MaryJane

    Dancing With The Stars Cast 2019 Revealed!

    The cast has been announced for the new season of Dancing With The Stars! Who is the biggest shocker and who do you think will win?
  2. MaryJane

    Dancing With The Stars is coming back!

    Despite being canceled during the spring season, Dancing With the Stars is coming back within a few weeks. We have the premiere date for you! We'll keep you posted on the cast when it's announced!
  3. MaryJane

    Kristina is back on BIP and she's ready to expose Blake

    The premiere episode of Bachelor In Paradise was dramatic, to say the least, as Blake was exposed as a major player. Kristina has asked Blake on a date, and now she gets to expose him. Read more here
  4. MaryJane

    Is Andrew Glennon really cheating on Amber?

    Andrew Glennon is being accused of texting another woman and asking her for photos and to come to Indiana. But he claims it isn't what it looks like. Amber is heartbroken.
  5. MaryJane

    Yet another incident where Jenelle Evans says something that isn't true

    Jenelle Evans claims she doesn't compare herself to others but it happened just four days prior. Screenshots for receipts from her followers #TeenMom2
  6. MaryJane

    Kailyn Lowry faces criticism over her parenting again

    This time, Kailyn was in Hawaii when she shared a photo of her son Lux. As it turns out, her fans were quick to come to her defense.
  7. MaryJane

    Another Bachelorette scandal was just revealed!

    There's another scandal brewing in the Bachelorette world and this one includes the sweet pilot Peter
  8. MaryJane

    Jenelle Evans made up the Nugget story for publicity, but where is the dog now?

    The Columbus Sheriff's office has issued a statement, revealing that David Eason won't be charged with killing Nugget. In addition, they found no evidence that the dog is dead. Then, Jenelle told them that she made everything up for publicity. What is going on here?
  9. MaryJane

    Amber Portwood's assault on Andrew is much more serious than initially thought

    Amber Portwood was arrested and charged with domestic battery last week as Andrew claimed that she had put his life in danger. Now, details are surfacing that Amber tried to attack him with a machete. This could land her back in prison, as she's facing two felony counts. What do you think...
  10. MaryJane

    Amber Portwood has been arrested!

    Amber Portwood has been arrested! The news broke this morning as she was reportedly arrested around 6 in the morning. At around 10, she was still in custody in Indianapolis. She was arrested on domestic battery charges. What do we think happened?
  11. MaryJane

    Major Bachelorette spoiler leaked! [Spoilers ahead]

    We have some major spoilers to reveal about Hannah Brown's final pick. If you've been paying somewhat attention in the media, you know that she may pick Jed as her final choice. But as it turns out, she's not happy to learn that he had been lying this whole time about someone back home, a...
  12. MaryJane

    David Eason calls 911 on Barbara over Ensley! Should he be doing that?

    The drama continues to escalate in Jenelle's world. Now, David Eason is claiming that Barbara locked Ensley in a room and couldn't get her out, calling 911 and wants CPS involved #TeenMom2...
  13. MaryJane

    The Masked Singer is back for Season 2 and 3: What celebrities would you want to see?

    The Masked Singer has been renewed for a second and a third season after a successful first season in the US on the FOX network. But Season 1 lacked a few things, including harder clues and less predictable celebrities. So, who do we want to see for Season 2 and 3? You can read what else is...