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    How could a father pull such a horrible ghost nightmare stunt on his son just to get Hope to marry him sooner. He is a piece of garbage. What is it going to take for Hope to open her eyes? I wish someone would get a hold of Hope before she walks down the aisle and tells her about Beth,etc...
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    Is Victor really leaving Y&R. I hope not. Adam needs to leave. He is trouble with a "T". Causing too much trouble with Nick, Sharon and whoever

    comes across his path. Cane and Tracie should hook up. Just so much negative and back stabbing. Victoria is taking over Newmann, Adam and Celeste will try and take over the Newman legacy and that will be the end of Victor. It is not fun watching the show any longer accept for Lola and Kyle...
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    OMG. Thomas is Evil. selfish and thinking only of himself. Beth needs therapy. Brooke is the only smart one that is onto to Thomas. Give Hope her baby

    and Liam go back to Hope and Steffy find a new love interest. There are consequences for secrets and this is a big one. Hope and Liam and Beth need to be together finally!!!!!.