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  1. James Wray

    Frank Spencer murder: Would you marry into a family with mob connections?

    Frank Spencer was murdered by his former father-in-law at the prompting of his ex-wife Maria. Her father, Anthony 'Rocco' Franklin, is said to have mob connections and eventually shot Frank with a sniper rifle and pistol...
  2. James Wray

    Cathy Torrez was murdered over a hickey: Should Samuel Lopez have gotten life?

    Samuel Lopez savagely murdered his former high school sweetheart Cathy Torrez. Prone to jealousy, he'd spotted a hickey on her neck and then murdered her in a savage attack.
  3. James Wray

    How brainwashed would kids have to be to help kill their own mother?

    Kimberly Rene Mangrum forced LeeAnn Mangrum's kids to help murder their own mom. Is it fear, brainwashing, or just relentless reinforcement that allowed...
  4. James Wray

    Should Gary Simmons and Timothy Milano both have been given the death penalty for the murder of Jeffrey Wolfe?

    Timothy Milano shot Jeffrey Wolfe, but it was his former brother-in-law Garry Simmons who raped Wolfe's girlfriend and led the dismemberment of the body. Milano got life and Simmons the death penalty...
  5. James Wray

    Will new technologies make it easier to catch killers like Daniel Johnston who murdered Donna Walker but took 30 years to catch?

    Daniel Johnston murdered Donna Walker in a savage attack where he stabbed her 50 times. However, it took 30 years for him to be brought to justice for the crime. He was already serving life for murder when his prints were run through the national database and a match obtained...
  6. James Wray

    Brett Knight murder his former friend Ross Reisner after blindly firing shots - what makes someone snap?

    Brett Knight had been friendly with Ross Reisner and his partner Kevin Murray for years. He'd even rented a room from them. However, things did not pan out and they evicted him and he thought they'd also tried to get him blacklisted with local employers...
  7. James Wray

    Did Frederick Woods and the Schoenfeld brothers really expect to get away with ransoming 26 kids?

    Frederick Woods and brothers Richard and James Schoenfeld were all from fairly wealthy background but still they decided on the bizarre scheme to kidnap 26 children and hold them for ransom. You can read the details below, but suffice to say these were not the most accomplished criminals...
  8. James Wray

    Jeffrey MacDonald tried to blame hippies for the bloody murder of his family. Should he get parole?

    Jeffrey MacDonald's wife and children were murdered in an extremely violent and gory manner. He's always maintained his innocence and blamed some drug-fueled hippies, in what detectives thought was an attempt to pass off the murders as a Manson Family type attack...
  9. James Wray

    Are you excited about Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon?

    HBO have announced they are going ahead with a Game of Thrones sequel titled House of the Dragon. The new series will be based on George RR Martin's book Fire & Blood, about the rise of Targaryens. It seems the pilot for The Long Night prequel to Game of Thrones failed to impress and so HBO...
  10. James Wray

    Ad Astra with 12-year-old?

    Going to catch Ad Astra before it leaves the big screen. Was going to take along my son, thought quite interesting subject but I wonder if a bit too heavy to keep a kid that age interested? Anyone taken their kids?
  11. James Wray

    BBC airing new version of HG Well's The War of the Worlds this fall. Will you be watching?

    The BBC have a new drama based on HG Well's classic The War of the Worlds. An exact release date will be announced soon, no details regards BBC America yet. What did you think of the trailer? Will you be watching?
  12. James Wray

    Lucie Turmel was murdered for less than $130. What drives people to kill for so little?

    The murder of taxi driver Lucy Turmel is featured tonight on Investigation Discovery. Her attacker stabbed her over 10 times in the face and neck and all for a fairly paltry sum. What drives...
  13. James Wray

    Binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Not sure how I ended up not making any time to watch this. But now I'm hooked, it's like one of Rosa's guilty pleasures! Anyone else watch it? I'm only up to start of Season 5. Funny stuff.
  14. James Wray

    Anyone else watched Carnival Row?

    Managed to watch Amazon's Carnival Row over the last week. I was a bit wary as sometimes these alternative reality fantasy shows can be a bit lame, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's kinda steampunk horror and set in an alternative version of London and both Bloom and Cara Delevingne are...
  15. James Wray

    Will Joaquin Phoenix's Joker match up to Heath Ledger's?

    Todd Phillips directs Joaquin Phoenix in Warner Bros. Joker movie. This one takes a slightly different approach than previous movies, with Phoenix saying he was attracted to the more nuanced character. Phillips previously directed Borat and The Hangover movies. What do you think?
  16. James Wray

    Do we really need a reboot of The Matrix?

    There have been rumors of a reboot of The Matrix going around for a while. But with the Wachowskis seemingly happy for someone else to take reigns, could something be greenlit soon? More importantly, do we really need another movie set in that universe? The first movie was great and broke...
  17. James Wray

    Internet companies too slow to remove photos of Bianca Devins' dead body?

    Growing Instagram star Bianca Devins was recently murdered, allegedly by her boyfriend of several month Brandon Clark. After the murder, Clark then seemingly posted photos of her dead body on his Instagram account. This prompted users to contact the police. The images were removed, though...
  18. James Wray

    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom director J.A. Bayona hired for Amazon's The Lord of the Rings series

    I'm not that familiar with J.A. Bayona, but the official Facebook page for Amazon's The Lord of the Rings series shared a link to Deadline's story announcing that he will be directing the first two episodes of the series. Bayona's previous credits include the look warm Jurassic World: Fallen...
  19. James Wray

    As Streaming TV services multiply are we as consumers about to get stung?

    Streaming TV has been great for users, with almost everything you'd want to watch available over a couple of services. Personally, I have Amazon Prime and Netflix. However, there are about to be a whole lot more with many big companies taking their shows away from the existing streaming players...
  20. James Wray

    Spirited Away finally gets wide release in China and is huge hit

    I see Spirited Away was finally given a wide cinema release in China and has proved really popular. Some political and historical tension, understandable given WWII, seems to see a lot of Japanese films denied release in China. But according to the BBC loads of folk had grown up on pirated...