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  1. Julian

    Do you think Jenelle and David should have got their kids back?

    Sounds like she got her money's worth out of her lawyer, and is now saying Jace is next. Apparently she's done a domestic violence class, and David has completed an anger management course. Thoughts?
  2. Julian

    First a Starbucks cup, now water bottles on Game of Thrones

    $15million an episode? HOW does this stuff happen?
  3. Julian

    What are your Oak Island theories?

    There are so many theories about Oak Island and what happened there. Interested to know what you all think?
  4. Julian

    Anyone else watch Wine Country on Netflix?

    Kind of got coerced into watching this but actually quite enjoyed it. Great cast, but particularly liked Paula Pell, and Jason Schwartzman as Devon was hilarious. Also loved the debate about taking molly, and why it probably wouldn't be a good idea considering everything else they were already...
  5. Julian

    ProJared sub count being hit bad

    Been watching the live sub count stats and continuing to drop this morning after falling more than 100k yesterday. Wonder how far they will fall