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  1. April Neale

    Live from TCA: Nat Geo News

    In 2019 Nat Geo estimates we will deliver 40% of all natural history programming in the US. Nat Geo announces special episode of global series, ‘Drain the Oceans: Thai Cave’ which combines advanced mapping technology with state-of-the-art digital re-creations to unravel mysteries of the deep...
  2. April Neale

    Live from TCA: Nat Geo Channel is kicking it for ratings and brand momentum

    #TheHotZone is on track to be Nat Geo Channel biggest scripted series to date. Courtney Monroe also reminds us they're nominated for 15 Emmy nominations. #TCA19 For the third year in a row, nat geo channel is among the top 12 most Emmy nominated networks. #TCA19 In the last 3 years Nat Geo...
  3. April Neale

    Live from TCA in Beverly Hills- Keegan-Michael Key y'all! #BrainGames

    Keegan-Michael Key is on sat from London! He salutes a former teacher for mentoring him and says says he's fascinated by brains so "it was a no-brainer" when @NatGeoChannel called him about hosting #BrainGames. He wanted to do it even though he's working SO MUCH right now. #TCA19...
  4. April Neale

    Live from TCA - notes from Nat Geo Channel with Gordon Ramsay live

    For fan of #Uncharted with Gordon Ramsay Gordon picks up a bit where the late Anthony Bourdain's show left off, sending the chef into the world to eat some unusual food, even guinea pigs. Also, he swears less than in the kitchen and blamed his mum for his potty mouth. He says he wanted the...
  5. April Neale

    Swamp People: Big Tee needs our help!

    If you love Swamp People, Big Tee was a relatively new cast addition to the series that saw Ashley Dead Eye Jones and Ronnie for a fun season that wrapped a few months back. Big Tee has some medical issues, learn how you can help him out of you are a fan...
  6. April Neale

    Love Island Anna Vakili and Pete Burns, are they twinning?

    Bizarre how similar they look-anyone watching Love Island?
  7. April Neale

    Friday fun: Where would you pick spend the night? POLL

    If you HAD to pick one which would you choose?
  8. April Neale

    Have you SEEN the crap-your-pants trailer of "IT 2"? Flies inside gathering on window...never good

    Umm... This is not for anyone who is easily triggered by flies (nothing good ever follows a massive fly swarm inside window)... or a trek into the woods or (an eventually) naked creepy old lady who offers you cookies in the oven after flashing her horrific chest scars... or sneaks a peak at you...
  9. April Neale

    What's the over/under for Pete Buttigieg busting out some Old Norse in the debates tonight?

    Asking for a friend... ha! Seriously, the Spanish-off last night was... Como HUH?
  10. April Neale

    Will you watch prez candidate Tulsi Gabbard on Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday?

    R Any REAL TIME FANS? Some think she aced the first round of debates.... Hawaii Rep. and presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard is the top-of-show interview guest. Actor Seth MacFarlane is the mid-show interview guest. The roundtable guests are author Max Brooks, writer Adam Gopnik and...
  11. April Neale

    SCOOP: Comic Con and HBO, will you be in San Diego to see these three announced panels?

    Soooo excited about this-who is going? What panel is the one you are most psyched about? His Dark Materials HBO series HIS DARK MATERIALS, GAME OF THRONES and WESTWORLD are confirmed for panels and autograph signing sessions at Comic-Con International: San Diego 2019. WATCHMEN fans should keep...
  12. April Neale

    Loudermilk ATT AUDIENCE Network is coming back for S3, psyched to see comic Brian Regan is included!

    One of my favorite breakout side characters in Loudermilk is Mugsy played by Brian Regan. If you haven't see it-totally worth your time
  13. April Neale

    Milla Clark-nicest 600-lb Life patient ever? I think she's amazing

    I loved Milla's story so much- she really had to overcome so much, imaging a few years ago she was over 700 pounds! These are the stories we love to see, those Assanti brothers-although they are watercooler fodder-are so depressing.
  14. April Neale

    American Pickers is going to rock Car Week: Best Aerosmith song is...?

    The news dropped moments ago, Aerosmith's original van was picked by Mike and Frank and restored- check it out: Aerosmith and American Pickers
  15. April Neale

    NEWS! A&E announces 5 new Paranormal shows including Ghost Hunters revival:

    A&E Network dives back into the unexplained paranormal universe, greenlighting five compelling shows including the revival of “Ghost Hunters,” one of the most successful paranormal series of all time. The network has also greenlit four additional supernatural-focused shows and specials...
  16. April Neale

    Dr. Now, best reality TV personality ever?

    His one liners are so sly -he cracks me up. Post some of your favorites here. One that cracked me up was worked in this video:
  17. April Neale

    Great must-visit Tiki bars to recommend in USA?

    Hi all- I will be doing a Tiki recipe roundup and I need some great recommendations so I can contact the bar owner and/or mixologist for new recipes for the summer to post in our Lifestyle section- Please hit me up here! We will link to the Tiki bar restaurant and credit the recipe creator.
  18. April Neale

    Cocktails from cool mixologists for M&C- these are amazing Bourbon drinks to try:

    The Boise "The Mode Lounge" Bourbon Sazerac it quite possibly the best of the lot, open read and print up the recipe-it was given to us especially for the article: