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  1. Kendallfan

    Exclusive Love After Lockup clip! Watch Lacey meet Shane!

    Lacey is part of the love triangle this season on Love After Lockup. She drove seven hours to meet and pick up Shane, but will it be all she dreamed it would be? Watch the sneak peek now!
  2. Kendallfan

    The Duggar family keeps growing despite losses

    Earlier this year, Lauren Duggar opened up about her miscarriage. It was something new Duggar fans haven't seen dealt with. Older fans will remember a decade ago when it happened twice. Who had miscarriages and when? Find out here!
  3. Kendallfan

    Which Duggar sibling is worth the most?

    The Duggar family raking in the dough. They have been on the television circuit for several years and with a successful spin-off, the siblings can easily live a comfortable life. From Jana to Josiah, and all of the older siblings in between, there are varying net worths. Who do you think is the...
  4. Kendallfan

    Billy Miller's exit was BS!

    So, it looks like last week was Billy Miller's final air date. The writers put this man into an elevator and sent him to Afghanistan. WHAT?! Who does that? Well, apparently, General Hospital and they dropped the ball. Now, they are putting all of this money into SB and JaSam, but they had a huge...
  5. Kendallfan

    Jessa Duggar has been MIA on social media

    Duggar fans have been worried about Jessa Duggar. She hasn't popped up on Instagram since July 10. Some fans are worried something may be wrong with the Counting On star. Why do you think she took a hiatus?
  6. Kendallfan

    Brittany scores big in court!

    Brittany and Marcelino have filmed a lot about the custody battle with Giovanni. Things got chaotic with Tito when he and Marcelino went to blows earlier this year. Now, Brittany has full custody of Gio following some drug testing results. Are you surprised?
  7. Kendallfan

    New Love After Lockup cast bios! Who looks the most interesting?

    Another new season of Love After Lockup is beginning on Friday. This time, there will be SEVEN couples! Six of them are brand new to viewers and then Angela and Tony will be back. They are Andrea and Lamondre (I'm banking on them for some GOOD drama!), Lacey and John, Glorietta and Alex, Lizzy...
  8. Kendallfan

    Lauren Swanson reveals she's had a difficult pregnancy

    It has been a while since Lauren Swanson and Josiah Duggar have appeared on social media. Lauren popped up recently and she inferred that the pregnancy hasn't been easy. It looks like there is more to their story than they are willing to share at the moment. Counting On returns soon, hopefully...
  9. Kendallfan

    Tracie gets arrested again

    Tracie looked like she may be doing well. She completed her parole but things didn't go as planned. It looks like she was arrested earlier this week on a drug possession charge in Texas. Check out her mugshot here.
  10. Kendallfan

    When is Abbie Grace Burnett due?

    John-David Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett are going to be first-time parents. While the due date hasn't been announced, it is likely that the baby will arrive early in 2020. What do you think?
  11. Kendallfan

    Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Orange County

    Tomorrow night is what RHOC fans have been waiting for. Emily Simpson shed some light into what viewers can expect when Season 14 debuts. There has been plenty of changes, not all good ones.
  12. Kendallfan

    Will Clint and Tracie renew their vows?

    After some rough times in Vegas, Clint and Tracie may not renew their vows. Check out this exclusive Love After Lockup: Life After Lockup clip!
  13. Kendallfan

    Another Duggar baby is on the way!

    After weeks of speculation about John-David and Abbie Grace, the two revealed they are expecting their first child! Details remain scarce but it is likely that she will be due in early 2020.
  14. Kendallfan

    Grand Hotel -- Are you watching?

    Summer shows are sometimes hit and miss with network television. ABC debuted Grand Hotel seven weeks ago and it has everyone talking. The cast is incredible and the storylines are intense. Last night's cliffhanger has people wondering whether or not core character Javi is dead. Are you...
  15. Kendallfan

    Beth IS alive! The truth comes out

    This week, it looks like The Bold and the Beautiful is going to unravel the baby swap saga. There will be a lot of people affected and many of them will be anxious to exact revenge on the two who put this whole thing into motion. How do you think it will go down?
  16. Kendallfan

    Are Clint and Tracie using drugs?

    After watching Life After Lockup, so many viewers are wondering if Tracie and Clint are using drugs again. She addressed their staus on Instagram, but some people aren't buying it. Is there more happening?
  17. Kendallfan

    Joy-Anna is still praising her God despite tragedy

    It has been almost a month since Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth revealed they lost their little girl at 20 weeks. She just recently shared her thoughts on Instagram and proved that her faith isn't wavering. What do you think of her devotion?
  18. Kendallfan

    Jinger goes Hollywood!

    There have always been talks about Jinger Duggar wanting fame. She was always the one into her hair and makeup, and once she moved to Laredo following her marriage to Jeremy, she showed out. Earlier this week, Jinger and Jeremy walked the red carpet for a Serengeti event and boy did she knock...
  19. Kendallfan

    Wil Sarah divorce Michael on Life After Lockup?

    This week, we got an exclusive clip from WEtv and it features Sarah and Michael. Is she strong enough to walk away from this man who has dogged and embarrassed her on national tv, or will she remain by his side?
  20. Kendallfan

    Anyone else willing to give Cynthia Watros a try?

    There have been so many differing opinions about Cynthia Watros in the role of Nina on GH. Cynthia Watros is NOT Michelle Stafford. The two women have totally different personalities off-screen. Is anyone else gonna give Cynthia a shot?