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    Why did Elena leave?

    Elena told Devon that Jett may have cancer and needed to see him. Do you think she will return to Genoa City or have we seen the last of her now that Amanda is in town?
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    Smiths Cove

    Have you been watching the 2-hour specials?
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    Is Drew dead?

    I have a feeling you are right!
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    What's your favorite memory of Delia?

    The show just commemorated the anniversary of Delia's death. Do you have a favorite memory of her? Mine is her happiness at being in the play.
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    Is Drew dead?

    The WSB declared Drew dead, but are they faking his death as part of a master plan to bring him back?
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    Should Adam and Phyllis team up to take down Victor?

    Red is on her way to Vegas to see Adam. Will she ask to team up with him in his quest to take down Victor? Should they be a team?
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    Does anyone remember who B.J. was?

    Today's episode had a touching tribute to Tony and Bobbie's daughter!
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    Is Caroline coming back to redeem Thomas?

    Did you watch yesterday they mentioned her again, makes you wonder if she’s alive!
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    Jarlena commercial is hysterical!

    What do you think of Marlena and John's two NFL commercials?
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    Is Mishael Morgan playing Hilary or a evil twin?

    She's baaaack! What do you think of Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair--is she really Hilary or Hilary's twin? Do you think this casting is a good idea or too soon to tell?
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    Spinelli is back to save the day and the week ahead is wild!

    Lots of craziness in Port Chuck this week, plus Spin does what he does best!
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    Is Flo giving Katie her next heart transplant?

    Katie collapses this week and we all know what that means. Who will give her a new heart?
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    Is Caroline coming back to redeem Thomas?

    Caroline is supposed to be dead but that never stopped a soap character from returning. Maybe her ghost appears? Linsey Godfrey is great on Days of our Lives, so maybe that's out of the question. In real life she is a hero!
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    Victor is finally dead?!

    Who believes that Victor could be dead? And why now?
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    Dark Shadows returns!

    Will you be watching the CW's version of Dark Shadows?