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    Do you like Franco as Drew?

    The First week but now now...Because Drew didnt act the way Franco is....
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    Is Drew dead?

    No one ever dies in soaps.. the have magical doctors who can make you live on a long life.... LoooooooooooL:D
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    Should Bobbie and Scotty marry?

    I think Bobby is happy being alone... and Scotty he hot for Ava...he adores her... If Ava wants him he will run to Ava,
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    Who Will Tell Michael About Wiley Since Lucas Knows

    Since we know Brad is going to be killed or have amensia from the wreck.... do you think...Lucas will tell Michael he has his kid...
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    Billy Miller's exit was BS!

    Im glad he is gone as soon as they split him and Sam up his character acting went down hill, actually I see nothing so great about him... he is a mediorce actor. who signs one year contracts because he wants to be in prime time he he been doing this for 6 rs.. I have yet to see him picked up...
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    Should Adam and Phyllis team up to take down Victor?

    Anytime anyone ever trys to take Victor down always ends up losing... when has anyone won.... Right now Victor is being nice and no one has no reason to take him down... I know this is an old comment I'm answering but its true no one has ever taken Victor down.... it is not allowed its probably...
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    Billy Miller

    I don't like BM he is not all that great of actor, he is boring and he seems lazy in his roles.. like he could care less.. I hope he does leave GH then that will end the fan wars of jasam and dream fans, the Drew/Sam will be dead in the water.. for good.. which that was another boring...
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    Billy Miller

    I know Michelle was Phyliss years ago but I really grew to adore Gina as Phyllis.. so unfair to GT.. then they hire some bimbo to play Nina on Gh.. the actress is awful in Nina role.. I think GT would have been a perfect pick for the role of Nina.