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    Are you excited about Game of Thrones prequel House of the Dragon?

    HBO have announced they are going ahead with a Game of Thrones sequel titled House of the Dragon. The new series will be based on George RR Martin's book Fire & Blood, about the rise of Targaryens. It seems the pilot for The Long Night prequel to Game of Thrones failed to impress and so HBO...
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    What are your Oak Island theories?

    Worth remembering too, that back a few decades ago the guy who built the causeway actually used a massive digger to excavate big parts of the island down to some considerable I think would be interesting if they concentrated on areas he did not dig up.
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    What are your Oak Island theories?

    Did that not sink near Haiti? Or is that another ship?
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    Ad Astra with 12-year-old?

    Going to catch Ad Astra before it leaves the big screen. Was going to take along my son, thought quite interesting subject but I wonder if a bit too heavy to keep a kid that age interested? Anyone taken their kids?
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    What do you think of His Dark Materials on BBC and HBO?

    The latest trailer for His Dark Materials... What do you think?
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    BBC airing new version of HG Well's The War of the Worlds this fall. Will you be watching?

    The BBC have a new drama based on HG Well's classic The War of the Worlds. An exact release date will be announced soon, no details regards BBC America yet. What did you think of the trailer? Will you be watching?
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    Lucie Turmel was murdered for less than $130. What drives people to kill for so little?

    The murder of taxi driver Lucy Turmel is featured tonight on Investigation Discovery. Her attacker stabbed her over 10 times in the face and neck and all for a fairly paltry sum. What drives...
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    Binging Brooklyn Nine-Nine

    Not sure how I ended up not making any time to watch this. But now I'm hooked, it's like one of Rosa's guilty pleasures! Anyone else watch it? I'm only up to start of Season 5. Funny stuff.
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    What do you think of His Dark Materials on BBC and HBO?

    Not long until the His Dark Materials TV show premieres. 3rd November on BBC One in the UK and the 4th on HBO in US!
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    Anyone else watched Carnival Row?

    Managed to watch Amazon's Carnival Row over the last week. I was a bit wary as sometimes these alternative reality fantasy shows can be a bit lame, but I was pleasantly surprised. It's kinda steampunk horror and set in an alternative version of London and both Bloom and Cara Delevingne are...
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    Will Joaquin Phoenix's Joker match up to Heath Ledger's?

    Todd Phillips directs Joaquin Phoenix in Warner Bros. Joker movie. This one takes a slightly different approach than previous movies, with Phoenix saying he was attracted to the more nuanced character. Phillips previously directed Borat and The Hangover movies. What do you think?
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    Do we really need a reboot of The Matrix?

    I see Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss are set to reprise their roles with Lana Wachowski directing. The Wachowskis are so hit and miss though. I mean Jupiter Ascending looked amazing and some great ideas in it, but was a bit of a mess in terms of plot and characters...
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    In the summer do you watch more TV, less TV, or do your viewing habits stay the same?

    Less, we are quite far north so the difference in it getting dark is about 6 hours from summer to winter. So outside far later in the summer :-)
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    What are your Oak Island theories?

    I think it is possible someone buried something there, certainly were privateers who operated on the east coast and did hide cargo sometimes. However, I'd imagine something less elaborate than a lot of the theories.
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    Do we really need a reboot of The Matrix?

    There have been rumors of a reboot of The Matrix going around for a while. But with the Wachowskis seemingly happy for someone else to take reigns, could something be greenlit soon? More importantly, do we really need another movie set in that universe? The first movie was great and broke...