Zoe Saldana stuns in sheer dress ahead of Avatar 2 premiere

Zoe Saldana avatar
Zoe Saldana shared a playful hotel video in a shimmery, see-through dress as she gears up for the press tour of a lifetime with the new Avatar movie. Pic credit: ©

Zoe Saldana reminded fans that she was a woman in a playful montage where she worked her angles and struck a few poses.

Zoe shared the impromptu fashion shoot on social media earlier this week before embarking on her Avatar sequel press tour.

The actress chose Instagram to share the video, where she has amassed 9.1 million followers, a number that will likely go in the coming weeks.

Zoe received 84k likes for her efforts on the post.

The beauty chose the song by Emmy Meli called I AM WOMAN, to drive home her point.

The clip began with a beautifully decorated foyer, which became more stunning with the presence of Zoe.

Zoe Saldana stuns in sheer and sparkly dress

Zoe strutted into the frame, wearing a sheer, shimmery dress made of a mesh-like material. The top featured short sleeves a crystal embellishments, revealing Zoe’s bandeau underneath but keeping things classy. The bottom was also entirely see-through with a slightly different pattern but the same sparkling effect.

Zoe played with her voluminous hair, which was in loose curls and cascaded down her back.

She used the walls to rest her arms, striking a pose, smiling, and then turning around.

As Zoe rotated, she showed the rear of her dress, which was also full of glitz.

Next, Zoe made a few funny faces, appearing surprised and laughing again.

She sported minimal makeup, which allowed her natural beauty to shine.

The beautiful actress donned white and black heels. The tips of the heels were white, while the straps were black, and the backs were open.

Behind Zoe was a wall-to-floor mirror and beautiful light fixtures with a plush gray rug where she strutted her stuff.

Zoe was sure to tag the team of stylists and artists who helped create her fabulous look.

The Avatar beauty kept the caption simple, using a woman hashtag.

Zoe Saldana’s 80 percent gluten-free diet

Zoe Saldana told Bon Appetit that she followed an 80 percent gluten-free diet. As she revealed in her interview, her Italian husband made it difficult to become 100 percent gluten-free.

However, her dieting choices have enabled her to learn new recipes, like cauliflower crust.

Zoe shared, “[My husband] Marco is Italian, and there are certain things about his culture that he doesn’t want to part with, like the pasta and the breaded meats. So it’s like, ‘How do I keep a gluten-free family happy?'”

Zoe continued, “There’s a lot of improvisation—I’m learning how to make the most amazing dough made out of cauliflower or quinoa flour.”

Zoe looks better than ever as she enters the next chapter of her life.

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