ZillaKami arrested while heading to SXSW: ‘Was not carrying machete,’ manager claims

ZillaKami was arrested at the airport on route to SXSW. Pic credit: ZillaKami/Instagram

New York rapper ZillaKami was arrested en route to SXSW. The 19-year-old rapper’s manager revealed on his Instagram account that ZillaKami was placed in handcuffs at an airport by Port Authority police.

It appears that Zilla was taken into custody at the check-in at the airport on currently unknown charges.

ZillaKami’s manager, who is currently in control of the rapper’s Instagram account, also cleared up a rumor that he was carrying a machete. The Instagram post claims that Zilla had a warrant out for his arrest and hopes to bail out before his scheduled performance at SXSW.



Footage of the former 6ix9ine associate being arrested was posted on his manager’s social media, which you can view below.


The rapper is seen wearing handcuffs while surrounded by police officers in what appears to be a calm arrest.

ZillaKami frequently shares photos with his over 300,000 Instagram fans where he is brandishing a plethora of weapons, such as a crossbow, spiked baseball bat and a rocket launcher.


This led many fans to assume his outstanding arrest warrant is due to weapon charges. However, it has not yet been revealed what the charges are related to the Lamborghini Getaway rapper’s arrest.

ZIllaKami is not listed on the official SXSW 2019 schedule list but he performed last year with frequent collaborator Sosmula.

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