Zendaya shows off her wild side while in Paris

Zendaya poses at an event.
Zendaya looked sensational for her appearance at Paris Fashion Week. Pic credit: © Hirata /

Zendaya has been bringing the heat to the internet lately, and her latest post was no exception.

The Dune and Spider-Man actress, 26, brought her A-game to Paris for Fashion Week as she rocked a stunning animal-print ensemble.

Sharing snaps of her outfit on her social media page for a rare look at her life behind-the-scenes, the former Disney actress looked sensational for her appearance at the famous event.

Starting off with a dazzling shot of herself somehow looking even taller than her already-towering 5-foot-10-inch frame, Zendaya posed on a staircase as she rocked her animal-themed outfit.

Zendaya wore a velvety-looking, tiger-striped blazer that ended just below her navel and sported a flat collar that lay smoothly against her collarbone.

Resting one hand against her bare knee, the actress showed off darkly-painted fingernails and super-lean legs as she served up some seriously glamorous vibes.

Zendaya serves up looks in an animal-print ensemble for Paris Fashion Week

Zendaya used a black bra as her primary covering under her blazer, looking ravishing as a row of delicate necklaces hung around her throat.

Matching, striped short shorts adorned Zendaya’s lower half, and knee-high boots with tiger stripes added at least three inches to her height.

In her second snap, Zendaya used the steps as her prop, showing off another angle of her chosen items.

Her hair, which she recently chopped to a shoulder-length style, was perfectly straightened on top with lightly-curled tips that curved around her neck.

The third and final shot showed a glimpse of Zendaya’s playful side as she smiled while snuggling a small, black poodle on her lap.

It’s clear that Zendaya’s star is only continuing to rise as the actress dominates the silver screen with her presence, and her fame has only encouraged her to find ways to stay as healthy and clean as possible.

Zendaya discusses why she became a vegetarian

Opening up to PEOPLE, Zendaya talked about her decision to stop eating meat, telling the magazine her diet choice stems largely from her love of animals.

“My main reason for being a vegetarian is that I’m an animal lover — definitely NOT because I love vegetables,” she joked.

When she was 11 years old, Zendaya passed a slaughterhouse during a road trip and was immediately horrified that she had been getting her meat from places like that.

“I thought it was awful, all those animals getting packed up in there waiting to be killed. I couldn’t believe that’s how I’d been getting my meat!”

She admitted that making the switch from meat to veggies wasn’t easy, and she often had dreams about hamburgers until she adapted to the dietary change.

Now, Zendaya has no trouble staying away from animal protein, telling PEOPLE she doesn’t miss eating meat and has an aversion to the flavor.

While she may be off meat products, the star said she still enjoys a fast food run now and then, choosing to indulge in a grilled cheese sandwich with onions and lots of spread.

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