Zayn Malik is ‘working on himself’ as Gigi Hadid reunion rumors heat up

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are seen walking in London, England in September 2016.
Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are seen in London, England, in September 2016. Pic credit: ©

Former One Direction member Zayn Malik kept to himself following his altercation with Gigi Hadid’s mother, Yolanda Hadid, last September.

Following the dispute, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik split once again. The pair have had an off-and-on relationship since 2016.

However, an inside source at In Touch claims that Malik is “working on himself,” and a Gigi and Zayn reunion could be a possibility.

‘Still a strong emotional connection’ between Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid

The source said that there’s “still a strong emotional connection” between Zayn and Gigi, but alongside their strong emotional connection are “lingering trust issues.”

“He’d have to prove that he has fixed his anger problems and completely changed for Gigi to consider giving him another chance. They’re taking it one day at a time and seeing what happens, but she’s prioritizing Khai over anything else,” the source advised.

While neither star responded to In Touch’s request for comment, it seems that a large issue in their relationship remains Yolanda Hadid. Yolanda doesn’t trust Zayn, and Zayn is tired of Yolanda meddling in his relationship with her daughter.

Following multiple charges of harassment from the dispute with Yolanda last year, Zayn took to Twitter to make a statement of his own regarding his family.

In his statement, Zayn advises Gigi was not home when Yolanda Hadid entered their house, and they had their dispute. 

Zayn is sure to drill in the fact that he wants to handle family matters privately, as a family, and not for the whole world to view. 

He closes his statement by saying, “I am hopeful though for healing for all involved with the harsh words shared and more importantly I remain vigilant to protect Khai and give her the privacy she deserves.” 

Although his statement reads almost like a plea for privacy for his family, many fans noticed specific court details did not match up with his statement. 

What happened between Zayn Malik and Yolanda Hadid?

According to court documents, Yolanda Hadid claimed that Zayn “shoved her into a dresser, causing mental anguish and physical pain.” The documents claim he shouted profanities at her, calling her “a f***ing Dutch slut” and telling her to “stay away from [my] f***ing daughter.”

Although Zayn said in his statement that his partner, Gigi, was not present at the time of the alleged altercation, the court documents say otherwise.

Gigi is reported to have been present for the alleged dispute as Zayn allegedly told her, “Strap on some f***ing balls and defend your partner against your f***ing mother in my house.”

On October 27, Zayn was ordered to 360 total days of probation and has to take anger management classes in addition to paying for court fees and other penalties. The sentencing was ordered after Zayn pleaded no contest to multiple charges of harassment.

Alongside probation and anger management classes, Zayn was ordered to stay away from Yolanda Hadid and a security guard who was present for the altercation.

As previously reported, Zayn later denied claims that he also “struck” Yolanda Hadid but still pled no contest for the sake of his family’s privacy.

Sources claim that Yolanda has had issues with Zayn since 2016, and those issues have only gotten worse as Zayn and Gigi go back and forth in their off-and-on relationship. Many believe that Yolanda simply believes that Gigi could do better for herself and for Khai.

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