Zac Efron hospitalized after contracting life-threatening infection: What is typhoid fever?

Actor Zac Efron
Zac Efron contracted a serious infection while filming in Papua New Guinea. Pic credit:

Zac Efron ended up hospitalized before Christmas after contracting a life-threatening infection in Papua New Guinea. Efron was filming his new survival documentary series, Killing Zac Efron.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that Efron, 32, contracted a “form of typhoid or similar bacterial ­infection,” the Daily Mail reported.

Efron was flown to Brisbane in Australia with the help of medical professionals from an organization called Medical Rescue and admitted to St Andrews War Memorial Hospital in Spring Hill.

He was in a “stable condition” after receiving treatment and returned to the U.S. on Christmas Eve after his Australian doctors determined it was safe for him to travel.

Efron reportedly arrived in Papua New Guinea early in December.

The Sunday Telegraph report could not obtain the exact nature of the infection that Efron contracted, but said it was believed to be either typhoid “or similar bacterial infection.”

Efron’s fans have been searching for information about typhoid infection and typhoid fever. Here is what you need to know about the infection.

What is typhoid fever?

Typhoid fever is caused by infection with a deadly bacterial pathogen called Salmonella Typhi. The infection mainly spreads through contaminated food and water. But it can also spread through close contact with infected people.

According to the CDC, the symptoms of typhoid infection include high fever, headache, stomach pains, constipation, rash, general malaise, and loss of appetite. Patients also often suffer from diarrhea.

The infection can be treated using antibiotics and can also be prevented by vaccination. However, if not treated promptly, it can result in death through internal bleeding.

People visiting countries in Asia, Latin America, and Africa are at risk of contracting the infection. South Asia contains the highest risk in the world, according to the CDC.

Travelers should get vaccinated for typhoid to prevent the illness. They should also avoid drinking water obtained from unsafe courses and to drink only pasteurized milk.

Travelers should also avoid possibly contaminated food by eating only thoroughly cooked food served hot.

What is Killing Zac Efron about?

Killing Zac Efron is an upcoming documentary series that follows Efron’s survival adventure in a remote jungle island where he lives off the grid for 21 days, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

He takes on the challenge of survival in the jungle with only basic survival gear and a human guide named Cyril Tara.

According to Efron, he “bounced back quick” and finished his three weeks of filming the documentary series.

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