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YouTuber Ruben Carbonell dies after parachute fails to open during dangerous jump stunt

Ruben Carbonell YouTube
YouTuber Ruben Carbonell dies performing a dangerous stunt. Pic credit: Ruben Carbonell/YouTube

Spanish YouTuber Ruben Carbonell plunged to his death after his parachute failed to deploy while performing a dangerous jump from a 150 feet high cement factory chimney in Spain.

Ruben Carbonell, 29, and a friend, reportedly snuck into the cement factory located in San Vicente del Raspieg, Alicante, Spain, at about 1 a.m. yesterday. They planned to film themselves jumping from the factory’s 150-foot high chimney.

Ruben intended to post the video to his YouTube channel.

The daredevil YouTuber is known for posting videos of extreme sporting activities to his YouTube Channel.

Cemex company, which owns the cement factory, said that Carbonell and his companion scaled the factory’s fence. Once they got inside, the two climbed to the top of the tower that served as the factory’s chimney. Ruben jumped first from the top of the tower, but his parachute failed to open after he jumped. He died instantly when he hit the ground.

Ruben’s companion raised the alarm and called the police, but it was too late to save his friend.

The YouTubers entered the factory even though the complex had surveillance cameras, private security, and other security systems installed.

Spanish police said they were investigating how Carbonell and his friend were able to sneak undetected into the cement factory and climb the 150 feet high chimney. Authorities said they were also investigating why the parachute failed to open.

Ruben engages in extreme sports, and some of his YouTube videos show him doing various dangerous stunts, such as jumping from a bridge, parachuting, and paragliding.

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