Youtuber Pretty Pastel Please dead at 30

Pretty Pastel Please instagram
Australian Youtube star Pretty Pastel Please had died. Pic credit: @PrettyPastelPlease/Instagram

The online community mourns the loss of Alexandra, who passed away at the age of 30. She is widely known by her YouTube moniker, Pretty Pastel Please. 

An announcement on her official Instagram page on Friday, July 5, disclosed that the beloved content creator died in June. 

The cause of death remains unspecified, but the post described her passing as “sudden, unexpected, and devastating to all who knew her.”

“We come to you today with a devastating announcement. It is with a heavy heart that we must inform you that Alex, known to many as Pretty Pastel Please, has passed away,” the Instagram caption read, featuring an image of the YouTuber holding her pet bird. 

“This is a shock to us all, and her family and friends have requested privacy as they navigate their grief,” the statement continued. 

“We would ask that you respect their wishes — they appreciate all of your support but need time to heal in private. A memorial will be posted on YouTube and here on Instagram in due course. Thank you for understanding in this difficult time.”

Pretty Pastel Pease’s online activity before her death

Alexandra’s last Instagram post was on May 22, announcing her plans to stream regularly on Twitch three times a week.

Her final Twitch livestream occurred on June 25, and her last YouTube video was uploaded on May 21. Since her first video in December 2017, the Pretty Pastel Please YouTube channel has amassed over 690,000 subscribers.

Describing her channel as a blend of “fashion hauls, product reviews, thrift shopping, travel content, and a talking parrot,” Alexandra’s content included viral hits such as a week-long challenge eating only from a 7-Eleven in Japan, which garnered over 4 million views.

Another popular video featured her bird “whispering” into her microphone for five minutes straight.

Alexandra had been candid about her struggles with separation and mental health, though there is no confirmation linking these issues to her death.

The online community and her followers express their deep condolences and await further details about the memorial planned in her honor.

Tributes pour in for Pretty Pastel Please

Following Alex’s passing, tributes are pouring in. Fans and followers have shared heartfelt messages expressing their sorrow and appreciation for her impact.

One such tribute reads, “I feel like I’ve lost a friend even though I only knew Alex through YouTube. She was a great creator and seemed to be a genuine person which is what made her so endearing. Whatever the circumstances of her passing, it’s a very sad day and she will be missed.”

Another emotional tribute states, “You deserved way more kindness than the world was willing to give. You made many people smile, rest easy, Alex.”

Pretty Pastel Instagram comments
Pic credit: @prettypastelplease/Instagram

These tributes highlight the deep connection and admiration her audience felt, emphasizing her authenticity and the joy she brought to many lives.

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