YouTuber CallMeCarson accused of ‘grooming’ underage fans

Carson King, aka CallMeCarson
YouTuber CallMeCarson is being accused of grooming underage fans. Pic credit: @callmecarsonyt/Instagram

Carson King, a YouTube star and social media influencer known to his fans as CallMeCarson, has been accused of “grooming” and having inappropriate interactions with underage fans.

Following the allegations, many social media users have been calling for CallMeCarson to be “canceled.”

CallMeCarson has 3.3 million subscribers on YouTube and 2.3 million followers on Instagram.

A Twitter user and former Lunch Club members accused CallMeCarson

The allegations against CallMeCarson have come from multiple sources, including a female Twitter user Sam (@miniborb), and Carson’s former Lunch Club mates, Noah Hugbox and Traves.

Hugbox and Traves made the allegations during an interview with the YouTuber KEEMSTAR.

In the video interview uploaded to KEEMSTAR’s DramaAlert YouTube channel, Hugbox alleged that CallMeCarson called him sometime in March and allegedly revealed that he had inappropriate interactions with underage fans.

Twitter user @miniborb alleged she was ‘groomed’ by Carson

Following the allegations against CallMeCarson, Twitter user Sam (@miniborb) came forward to allege that she was “groomed” by CallMeCarson when she was still a 17-year-old high school girl.

CallMeCarson allegations
Pic credit: @miniborb/Twitter

Sam alleged that it all started when she “jokingly” tweeted at CallMeCarson, saying “be my boyfriend.” She alleged that Carson “didn’t reply to the tweet and went straight to my dms.”

Sam @miniborb
Pic credit: @miniborb/Twitter

She then backed up her claim with screenshots of a series of Discord messages which she claimed were between her and CallMeCarson back in 2019.

In the conversation, the account said to be CallMeCarson appeared to acknowledge that messaging Sam wasn’t a good idea, but said that he couldn’t resist it.

Sam @miniborb Twitter
Pic credit: @miniborb

Sam also posted a video of part of their conversation.

Reactions on social media

People have been reacting to the allegations against CallMeCarson on Twitter, with many users calling for the YouTuber to be “canceled.”

Jason tweet
Pic credit: @DJJackSwanson/Twitter

Many of CallMeCarson’s fans also appeared heartbroken and expressed sadness, saying that if the accusations were true their hero had disappointed them.

Some Twitter users defended CallMeCarson

Other Twitter users defended CallMeCarson, saying that he was only 19 years old at the time and that Sam was 17, meaning there was only a two-year age gap between him and Sam.

Others blamed Sam for tweeting “be my boyfriend” at CallMeCarson.

CallMeCarson allegations
Pic credit: @TheSaddestCow/Twitter

But others pushed back, saying that even if it was technically legal, it was still inappropriate because of the “power imbalances” between them at the time.

CallMeCarson reactions on Twitter
Pic credit: @thisisctrying/Twitter

CallMeCarson did not immediately respond to the allegations against him.

The latest allegations come after users called for TikTok star Gemini Official to be banned from the platform, following allegations that he groomed underage fans.

TikTok star Zoe LaVerne also faced a backlash following allegations that she kissed a 13-year-old.

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