YouTube streamer Valkyrae issues fans a pushup dare

YouTube streamer Valkyrae is stunning in sweatpants as the gaming sensation challenges her fans to do a pushup. Pic credit: @valkyrae/Instagram

YouTube streamer Valkyrae displayed her stunning fashion sense as the talented gamer promoted a brand and showed off her fit figure.

The streaming sensation took to Instagram to share a picture rocking a white sports bra as she issued a challenge in the IG caption.

For those out of the loop, Valkyrae has been in the gaming industry for several years. In that time, has built up an impressive fan base. She has become well known for her skillful gaming and entertaining streaming sessions and for always being willing to interact with her fans. 

Valkyrae’s interactions with fans extend beyond her streaming sessions, as shown in her recent post.

She treated her 3.7 million IG followers to a mirror selfie, which has become one of her signature shares.

This selfie was different, however, because it was brand new. Although the selfie was previously unseen, Valkyrae’s deal with Gymshark, the brand she promoted in the picture, was not new.

With her latest challenge, she again proved that she was more than just a fantastic gamer– she is also an inspiring role model. 

Valkyrae stuns in sports bra for Gymshark

Valkyrae was bare-faced and beautiful, wearing a white sports bra and red shorts. She posed on her knees, holding her phone in one hand and placing the other on her hip.

Behind the talented gamer, there was lush greenery and a beautifully decorated space.

Valkyrae’s hair was tied back, with pieces of her bangs falling to frame her face.

Gaming culture has many associated stereotypes, including the idea that gamers are overweight and unhealthy due to their sedentary lifestyle. 

But Valkyrae has helped shatter such generalizations, proudly displaying her body and encouraging her fans to join her in an exercise challenge.

Her caption read, “if you see this, I dare you to do one pushup.”

Although one pushup may be light work for some, the sentiment behind getting the body moving has important implications.

As an ambassador for Gymshark, Valkyrae’s dare made all the sense in the world. The gamer’s gentle encouragement for her fans to exercise could result in new sales for the fitness wear brand, which would benefit Valykrae and the company.

Valkyrae joins YouTube for exclusive streaming deal

Valkyrae got her start on Twitch, but in 2020, she signed a contract with YouTube, becoming exclusive to the Google-owned platform. 

Ever since the gamer signed the YouTube, she has been the number one female streamer in the world, shattering records as the face of female gamers.

She even surpassed Pokimane, stealing the crown and securing a spot on top.

With a little over two years on the platform, Valkyrae likely has a fruitful career ahead of her.

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