YouTube streamer Valkyrae in cutout top is ‘easy to spot’

YouTube streamer Valkyrae in cutout top
Valkyrae’s face up close. Pic credit: @valkyrae/Instagram

Becoming a popular social media creator and streamer on YouTube has taken Valkyrae’s career to whole new heights.

Her latest selfie on social media proves that she’s a streamer who knows how to dress better than most.

Due to the brightness of her body suit, she even playfully added a joke to her caption.

Valkyrae is totally killing it on Instagram with over 3.8 million followers on YouTube with over 3.7 million subscribers keeping up with her fashion statements.

She’s been known to dress in sexy outfits and costumes that reveal a little extra skin every now and then.

Her most recent picture leaves little to the imagination with its fabulous cutout design.

It’s easy to spot Valkyrae in her cutout top

Valkyrae posed for two beautiful selfies wearing a neon yellow bodysuit making it pretty easy for anyone to spot her in a crowd. Her caption even said, “Should be easy to spot me today LOL” with a yellow heart emoji, smiley face emoji, and shining sun emoji.

The long-sleeved bodysuit covered her arms but still has striped cutouts that showed off some of her skin through light brown, see-through netting.

She tucked the bodysuit into a pair of jeans and folded the rim of the pants down in front of her hips. Due to the way her pants were rolled down, a couple of inches of skin on both sides of her waist were in plain sight.

Underneath the bodysuit, she wore a cup bra to ensure that none of her most intimate areas would be visible. Valkyrae accessorized with three silver rings and a face full of stunning makeup.

She wore tinted eyebrows, eyeshadow, mascara, pink lipstick, and foundation. Her hair looked wavy, wild, and gorgeous in brown ringlets swept to one side.

Valkyrae’s fairytale princess costume was fabulous

Since Valkyrie is a streamer, she’s been known to wear cosplay outfits and costumes on occasion. Right before posting her selfie in the neon green bodysuit, she posted pictures wearing a shiny, white fairy costume.

The beautiful costume came with a corset-style top, a short flowing skirt, and puffy long sleeves. The corset had visible slimming lines, but didn’t hug her body too tightly.

She accessorized with white fishnet tights, crystal necklaces stacked on top of each other, silver rings, and a bedazzled headband beneath her hairline.

She most definitely didn’t forget to wear the necessary white fairy wings on her back to give herself a totally magical appearance. She wore her long black hair parted down the middle on both sides of her face with a fresh-faced makeup look.

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