Young Busco death: Tributes pour in after Instagram star Brandon Moore dies

Young Busco, whose humor lightened a lot of lives. Pic credit: @youngbusco/Instagram

Tributes have flooded in following the death of Instagram star Young Busco, famous for his comedy videos and starting the ‘What are those?’ meme.

Busco, whose real name is Brandon Moore, reportedly passed away at the weekend in his sleep.

The comic, from Berkeley, California, was famous for his viral videos, including the much remixed one from 2015 where he asks a cop during an arrest: “Officer, I have one question for you,” before pointing the camera at his dubious footwear and shouting at the top of his voice “WHAT ARE THOOOOSE?!”

It quickly exploded, with the meme’s many iterations being viewed millions of times on Instagram and Vine. The viral phenomenon became such a big thing in the summer of 2015 that even The Washington Post did an article on it to explain it to the older generation.

Michael Jordan became a famous victim:

Even those in church became targets:

And then there was this:

Since his initial success, Young Busco had continued to make and distribute videos on his social channels, and also performed at comedy events. He had thousands of followers on his Snapchat and Instagram accounts at the time of his death.

However, the father-of-five also had his troubles. In 2015, the same year the “What are those?” meme took off, he made headlines when he ended up behind bars after being arrested on a probation violation and a narcotics charge. He also revealed that before he found fame he had been in and out of jail for selling narcotics.

Tributes have been pouring in on social media after his death, including on his latest Instagram post which was posted earlier in the weekend.

One fan wrote: “I had literally just seen him day or two prior man….what a damn tragedy.” Another added: “No lie I didn’t even know you like that and you’ll still be missed. Man you meant more to the city than you’ll ever know.”

Fans also posted tributes to him on Twitter, praising how much light he had brought into their lives.

As friends, family and fans alike pay tribute, here’s a look back at the meme that started it all:

RIP Busco.

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