Yes, Selena Quintanilla did once have red hair

Christian Serratos as Selina
Christian Serratos stars as Selena in the Netflix biopic Selena: The Series. Pic credit: Netflix

Fans of iconic pop star Selena Quintanilla have been questioning if she really used to have red hair, and it’s true, the Latina fashion icon did once have red hair.

Viewers have been captivated by the life story of perhaps the most legendary Latina pop star in the world, Selena Quintanilla, on Netflix’s show, Selena: The Series.

But many were surprised to see her portrayed with red hair.

The Netflix series follows Selena’s life, where she became the “Queen of Tejano music” and a fashion role model worldwide, particularly within the Latin and Hispanic communities.

Selena reached the heights of fame in the early ’90s, before her tragic murder in 1995.

In the 1990s, Selena’s hairstyle reached the same levels of importance as the ‘Rachel Cut’ from Friends or whatever style Madonna happened to be wearing at the time. Women all over the world, particularly Latin women, would copy Selena’s style.

While Selena’s bangs and red lipstick became her signature look in the ’90s, this wasn’t always the case.

Eleven wigs were used on Netflix’s Selena: The Series

The makers of Netflix’s series have shown enormous care to try and recreate Selena’s many hairstyles. The actress playing Selena, Christian Serratos (The Walking Dead, Twilight), has worn 11 wigs and over 50 costumes during the show to give fans an idea of the range of Selena’s styles.

The singer had numerous hairstyles throughout the years, and some were very different. Her older fans will know that voluminous curls and pompadour used to be her hairstyle of choice. But it was the ’80s, after all.

According to The Oprah Magazine, 1988 saw big changes for the singer. Selena took charge of her own career and appearance, and she dramatically changed her hair color from brown to red.

Fans on Twitter had strong opinions on Selena’s hair

Some fans watching the show were taken aback when Serratos appeared with red hair, but it was an accurate portrayal, and some fans on Twitter loved the look.

Many fans on Twitter registered their confusion at seeing red hair on Selena. “When the hell did Selena perform with curly SHORT RED?” asked one irate fan.

Tweet complaining about red hair
Pic credit: @ajarii_/Twitter

Another fan asked: “like what was that curly red hair thing?”

Tweeter questions the red hair
Pic credit: @jamesASHLI/Twitter

One helpful fan posted some old pics of Selena with red hair for all the disbelievers out there.

Tweeted pics of Selena with red hair
Pic credit: @Denise4SanAnto/Twitter

Selena: The Series is currently streaming on Netflix.

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