Yanet Garcia wishes fans a happy Valentine’s Day with glowing smile

Yanet Garcia up close
“Mexican Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia is red-hot for Valentine’s Day. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Valentine’s Day may take place in the coldest season of the year for at least half of the world, but “Mexican Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia is making sure V-Day 2023 is a hot one.

The 32-year-old model and actress made sure to present her fans with a great “love day” gift as she was dressed all in red.

She sported a lacy nude-cupped bra with red detailing while a sheer red robe was draped over her shoulders and tied just above her abs.

Yanet’s makeup was perfect for the shot as she went with a nude-toned look, going for light gloss and shimmery nude eyeshadow.

She kept her accessories simple with a dainty cross necklace and a thick gold ring on one finger, using her bright smile to really highlight the photo.

She captioned the share, “Happy Valentine’s Day,” making herself the perfect V-Day gift gracing her followers’ timelines today.

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Yanet Garcia’s famous curves are all-natural

Although some may find it hard to believe, Yanet achieved her curves through hard work at the gym. The television host has previously opened up about how she was a skinny teenager and decided to step into the gym one day to change her body.

Obviously, her hard work has paid off in many ways, some being her 14.9 million followers on Instagram.

However, Yanet isn’t just into fitness for herself. She aims to inspire others to achieve their fitness goals and recently became a certified health coach to make her dreams possible.

As a health coach, Yanet has spent many hours studying nutrition and holistic health and puts her knowledge to use via workout plans on Fitplan and through her Yanet Garcia Health Coach Instagram account.

Yanet Garcia promotes the benefits of healthy eating

On her health coach page, Yanet occasionally shares updates with some recipes or nutritional facts about some of the best foods to eat.

A recent post explained the benefits of oats and oatmeal, advising that oats are full of fiber, healthy for the heart, and full of vitamins and minerals.

Plus, oats are versatile, so they can be enjoyed however someone wants through different types of oatmeal or smoothies, and Yanet reveals it’s even “a nutritious way to bind together your meatloaf.”

Along with diet tips, Yanet will occasionally share recipes for her followers to try out.

One recipe was what she referred to as the “best green smoothie recipe,” which provides a drink that will fill you up and fuel you for the day.

Her favorite combination is milk, spinach, banana, apple, and avocado for the perfect green smoothie in the morning.

Of course, smoothie ingredients are easy to adapt and change, so fans of this recipe can try to alter it to their taste as well.

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