Yanet Garcia struts with confidence to the ‘other side of fear’

Yanet Garcia selfie
Yanet Garcia struts in all black. Pic credit: @myanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet Garcia showed the world what she’s made of with a confident walk in style.

The fitness influencer walked, turned, and posed in the middle of a city street. She laughed with ease and gazed into the camera with self-assurance.

She sported a little black dress that was cropped at her upper thighs and complemented her long and toned legs. To elevate the look even further, Yanet wore sparkly black heeled boots.

Yanet threw on a long peacoat over her outfit, which added an air of elegance and sophistication to the overall aesthetic.

The content creator left her red hair free, and it tumbled over her shoulders in a lovely waterfall. She tossed her locks as she turned, and the soft curls reached midway down her back.

Her makeup was gorgeous with long lashes, shimmery eyeshadow, berry lips, and rosy cheeks. In some of the shots, she wore dark sunglasses to protect her eyes.

She captioned her daring look, “Best things in life are on the other side of FEAR ✨.”

Yanet Garcia shares tips for a ‘better brain’

Yanet knows what the other side of fear looks like because she is constantly working to improve her state of mind.

The fitness queen posted a lovely look on Instagram to share some great tips for a healthier brain with her followers. The tips were: eating healthy fats, optimizing protein, eating colorful plants, avoiding sugar and processed carbs, moving the body, and relaxing the mind.

As she shared these helpful tips, she was clad in a two-piece set that had a pink leopard-print pattern. The tight-fitting outfit complemented her killer physique, which she’s proven that she’s worked very hard for.

She performed stretches in front of a beautiful body of water before launching into a run.

Yanet Garcia is a health coach

A healthier brain goes hand in hand with a healthier body, and there’s no doubt that Yanet has both. Yanet is a certified health coach, and she’s amazing at the job.

Yanet has her own health coach page on Instagram, where she shares a variety of diet and exercise tips with her followers. She even has a link in her bio that can help others become health coaches at a discounted rate.

The influencer posted to her health coach page to share the news of her health coach certification.

She included in her caption, “Officially I am a CERTIFIED HEALTH COACH! ??? I graduated from one of the most important nutrition schools in the world @nutritionschool and I feel super grateful, blessed, and proud to have achieved it!!!!”

Her post earned thousands of likes and was flooded with comments.

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