Yanet Garcia shares a greeting with fans

Yanet Garcia selfie
Yanet Garcia is sizzling in a lacy photoshoot. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

“Mexican Weather Girl” Yanet Garcia has been checking from both the east and west coast over the past couple of weeks as she’s gone between New York and Los Angeles, keeping fans updated throughout her travels.

Although she can be somewhat private about what she’s working on, she did share a temporary glance at a new photoshoot with fans earlier this week.

She greeted her Instagram followers with a simple, “Hi,” in the since-deleted share, but just because it’s gone doesn’t mean that it’s been forgotten.

In the shot, Yanet posed on all-fours on a shag carpet, her hair a perfect mess as it covered a large part of her face and draped down one side.

Her makeup and accessories were simple but stylish, going for a more natural makeup look and adding a dainty gold bracelet to her wrist.

The real show-stopper was her outfit, which consisted of a matching black bra and underwear set and a lacy, sheer bodysuit that went over the top, though it didn’t add much coverage.

Yanet Garcia's deleted Instagram post
Yanet Garcia’s deleted Instagram post where she says, “Hi.” Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Although the post has since been deleted from her feed, those who saw it will likely not forget it or her incredible figure any time soon.

Yanet Garcia shows an inside look at her workout at the gym

Yanet’s figure has been a work in progress over many years, as the television host has previously revealed that she used to be very skinny but hit the gym to build up her physique.

It was apparent that her work was paying off even over four years ago, as fans can see from a workout video she shared on her timeline.

The brunette beauty was using a stair stepper for her workout, taking slow but sure steps up with leg lifts between each raise.

Extending her legs behind her during each step will help with muscle growth and flexibility, but the stair stepper itself is a major workout with many benefits, including strengthening the glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, and core, and offering more of a workout in less time.

Yanet Garcia can train you to be fit

Clearly someone who has clocked in many hours at the gym to get the body she wants, Yanet knew that her skill in fitness and health could be beneficial to others and herself in other ways.

She teamed up with the FitPlan app as a coach, and users can subscribe to the app to get the inside scoop as to how she stays so fit and gorgeous.

The app is available on various devices and includes daily workouts and health monitoring, and there are many different coaches available as well.

For those who aren’t sure, FitPlan offers a seven-day free trial that can be canceled at any time before the trial ends with no charge.

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