Yanet Garcia is living the life of her dreams at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Yanet Garcia selfie
Yanet Garcia was living her best life as she visited SUMMIT One Vanderbilt. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet Garcia may not have grown up in the Big Apple but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t truly made New York City her home.

“The World’s Hottest Weathergirl” has been all about her new city, sharing videos and photos of herself strutting around the streets full of traffic lights, walking down the stairs of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and exercising in Central Park.

It appears Yanet has truly found the place where she belongs, and that was very clear in her recent post.

She shared two photos of herself wearing a mermaid-inspired outfit that included an oversized blazer and a pair of matching shorts along with a yellow bra underneath.

In the first shot, Yanet looked down in the quintessential influencer pose as a view of New York City could be seen in the background. The second shot showed her standing in front of large windows under metallic balls that left her with a wide smile.

Motivational as always, the Mexican beauty wrote in her caption, “The biggest adventure you can ever take, is to live the life of your dreams✨.”

Yanet Garcia visited the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt in New York City

Despite living in New York City for a good amount of time now, the model is still playing tourist and did just that as she visited the SUMMIT One Vanderbilt.

The tourist attraction takes the term “observation deck” to a whole new level with three floors that include an immersive experience with art concepts and a way to see the city from a unique perspective.

The building features “Ascent,” which is the world’s largest, external, glass-bottomed elevator that takes you up to the floors with an immersive art exhibit from Kenzo Digital.

The first two floors, called Transcendence 1 and 2, are all mirrors, while the other floor is filled with the metallic balls that Yanet posed in front of.

Other parts of the installation include a large screen with clouds and a light show at night, while the SUMMIT itself features a terrace and restaurant.

Tickets come in three different categories, with the first being $42 for a general ticket and the second being $62, which includes a ride on the elevator.

Yanet has a collaboration with lingerie brand Denique

While her New York aesthetic is always featured on Yanet’s Instagram profile, her aesthetic also includes lingerie.

In February, she posed in a sexy black one-piece suit from Mexican lingerie brand Denique, as she currently has a collaboration with the brand.

She posed on top of a desk and told her followers, “Good night ?.”

Yanet’s collaboration includes a few black lace pieces as well as a brighter blue one-piece and a dark red undergarment, so, she definitely didn’t just go for the “ordinary” look.

One piece is the Angel White set, which costs $450 and comes with a bra, underwear, and a garter belt.

The brand shared a picture of Yanet in the outfit to their Instagram, writing in the caption, “Look like an angel ?.”

Keep an eye on Yanet’s Instagram profile for future lingerie collaborations.

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