Yanet Garcia in red lingerie struts in hotel

Yanet Garcia models in red lingerie.
Yanet Garcia models red lingerie as the Mexican beauty gears up for her birthday celebrations. Pic credit: @iamyanetgarcia/Instagram

Yanet Garcia dressed up in red lingerie and strutted down a hotel hallway as she geared up for her big birthday celebrations.

Yanet’s 32nd birthday is this week, and she wasted no time celebrating another year around the sun.

The model became famous because of her captivating performance as a weatherwoman and channeled that attention into a full-blown modeling career.

Yanet amassed an impressive 14.8 million Instagram followers, with whom she posts modeling shots and behind-the-scenes looks at her extraordinary life.

Yanet’s latest share was no exception as she marched confidently down a swanky hotel corridor in all red attire.

She posted the behind-the-scenes shot as a camera followed her every move. As she revealed in her caption, fans would soon see the final result of the shoot. But for now, fans had to settle on a video of Yanet working her angles, and followers didn’t seem disappointed at the idea.

Yanet Garcia stuns in red lingerie hotel shoot

The clip began with Yanet smiling in a red lacy bra and matching string underwear. She wore a sheer netted red cover, which didn’t cover much but added an edge to the look.

Yanet stomped down the hall in strappy gold stilettos that wrapped around her ankles and up her calves.

She played with her luscious brown hair, which featured soft curves, and pouted her lips which were bright red.

Yanet stopped in the corridor, pivoted her hips, and struck a pose as the clip abruptly ended.

Yanet Garcia’s diet and Fitplan routine

A quick look at Yanet shows that the model and TV personality keeps herself in shape and never skips leg day.

Yanet has worked with Fitplan, a fitness app that created workout plans with top celebrity trainers, including retired Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and fitness influencer Jen Selter.

Yanet’s videos have also appeared on the platform, and she has emphasized glutes in her workouts for adoring fans.

However, based on a recent interview, it seems Yanet subscribes to the notion that abs are made in the kitchen.

Yanet told Women Fitness, “Diet is 70% of the goal. It depends in each one’s metabolism and objectives, that’s why it is important to see a health professional, I recommend to include in your diet proteins, carbs and vegetables.”

But for those who love to eat, Yanet looks like a good person to follow for fitness advice.

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